Senator: Conservatives Haven't Focused ENOUGH on the Family

Senator: Conservatives Haven't Focused ENOUGH on the Family

No way! :) But I believe it can still be fixed :)
Of course the largest financial institutions try to buy both sides! They aren't stupid...But that doesn't mean for a second that they have no party preference!!!! If you don't believe me just look at the top donors for Obama and Romney in the 2012 election...I'll PM you the list now
Are you so blinkered that you can't imagine gays form family's ?
The trouble is that they spend TOO MUCH TIME focusing on other people's families and trying to force their beliefs on those other people's lives.
yes, farther right is what you need. Good luck sailing into the darkness of bigotry & hate
"real tea party"? There is no "real tea party", it is a disorganized political umbrella not a political party... Most of these Tea Partiers were GOP supporting conservatives who are ashamed to admit what a massive failure their policies brought over the previous decade under Bush...And no...Obama and Romney were not funded by the same people...The top 20 donors to Romney's superpac in 2012 were ALL banks and FI's. Obama's top 20 were universities, medical/insurance groups, and unions.
The so called "Tea Party" is just an offshoot of conservative libertarians from the GOP...They are no better informed than the rest of the party (which is saying A LOT)...IN fact Forbes had a great article about these morons called "The Misinformed Tea Party" :) P.S. Why do these clowns call themselves the "tea party"? It makes no sense...The Boston Tea Party was a historical event...carried out by the Sons of Liberty...Which by the way is a WAY more badass name for a political party! :)
Mike Lee wants reality to become exclusive
Yep, I'm going to love this channel.^^
If they should focus on the family, focus on all families.:P
Focus on the Fascists.
Well on the bright side ,at least they are not a resemblance of the Manson family.
lol, is it just me or does the clip look like a BadLipReading video? A lot of his words don't seem to match his lips. Maybe it's just. The fucked up. Way. He talks.
From the latest news heterosexual may be wrong,Haggard anyone.
Family meaning white, rich, heterosexual couples with barefoot and pregnant wives.
I'm all pro-family, my family resembles the Addams family, or the Munsters.
Focus on the family as a political tool to push their religious agendas as laws for everyone.
Good. Do that. Be viciously anti-gay, drive even more voters away from you so you NEVER get into the office.
You only have to look to another far right ring group that placed the focus on a vision of how they envisaged family.Nazis.not a lot if difference in ideology when you look at what the Nazis held in Hugh regard re family and what this mob do

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