See How Our Comfy Cows Live on Real California Dairy Farms

See How Our Comfy Cows Live on Real California Dairy Farms

Not what PETA Saw
I just love how they say, "we have camera's located everywhere so we can watch this 24-7" like that's a good thing. And then in camera 4 you see cows crammed together in one pen.
At least they are treated better than A lot of places. I know the business won’t shut down but can Show some respect for not making it as bad as it could be for them
I’m guessing all the people that disliked are vegan?
1:14 that is green screen this is fake just a little fake useless thing....
Nothing says love and care like forcing an animal to become pregnant over and over and over again, stripping her baby away within the first few hours of it's life, stealing the milk her body produced for her child and feeding her child shitty formula, so that in 6 short years her female baby can replace her when she dies from the exhaustion because her body is being used as a machine for corporate profit, when her natural lifespan is 25 years, and then sending her to die because she is no longer profitable and sending her male children to die because they are useless to the dairy industry.
में ये फार्म में जोब (नोकरी )करना चाहता हूँ क्या मुझे जोब (नोकरी ) पर आप रखना चाहते हैं मेरा 20साल का अनुभव है (ऐक्सपिरीयनस )
What about calves do u kill them sell them eat them or what poor na
U also are poor kill calves bcoz of less education no kindness no food for calves ?? Earn money on their meat ?
how are all these cows without horns? which breed are they?
Viewers beware! Just how ignorant do you think is the public? We did not see the normal distribution of calves on any of the farms; therefore, your cows are not happy and you are liars! The only happy cows are those who get to keep and raise their calves..... female and male calves. Don't keep lying to us, instead admit you are deceiving the YouTube viewers. Most of your female calves go to the auction block while your male calves go straight to the veal mistreatment pen---or possibly they are killed. Why don't you make an honest video showing how bad both the calves and mothers suffer when you separate them and for the weeks following. Why not video the routine AI procedure and how your cows are violated. Why not show the public the electrical prodding. It's great that you have resting under shade structures and lush foliage. But why not show the public the entire truth and reveal the rest of the story of mistreatment, abuse, and sorrow. It has been scientifically proven by more than one study that all cattle breeds suffer the same emotions as humans. So please start with the truth. Just think you're leaving a legacy of deception. Show a comprehensive video and let the public decide. Tell the truth.
You bastards, those cows do not have enough space!!! Why don't they have grass?!?!?
GUYS. Stop.Do you see how healthy and happy these cows look? The person specified they are PETS.Did you watch the video? They are clearly in great condition, the baby isn’t taken away, the cows probably have the option to breed (a lot of people do this with smaller dairy farms) It’s ok to admit your not right %100 of the time, vegans.
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Guys,don't confuse business and humanity! We all know that cows can be used as a human food,source of raw materials and nutrition.. By Saying that doesn't mean anything bad,treating a cow like a family is what every farmer will do,but end of the day it's business either for milking or meat or skin! it's somewhat a source of income to most dairy farmers and families.. Don't confuse this with humanity! its hard to slaughter a human than a cow, because a human is given mandate to control all living organisms! Let's not confuse this
We ate today because of these people. Thank them.

It's too easy to complain when you're not the one waking up at 3am in the morning and start working with animals. Then you got people over the internet complaining trying to shut down your only source of income.

Next time you complain, just think where you're going to get your next meal once these farmers are out of their jobs.
Look at all these angry vegans and omnivores fighting over animals. They're gonna die at somepoint still, might as well get a meal out of it.
Good fram .I fram? Thanks
I'm just hurt by all this nonsense... why can't everyone just really love their animal...
I'm just hurt by all this nonsense... why can't everyone just really love their animal...

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