Save your loot Town hall 8 Base Farming Clash of clan 2017

Save your loot Town hall 8 Base Farming Clash of clan 2017

Best Th8 Base 2018. I Finally found a Good Base For Th8, Tysm.

i Highly Recommend This Base And i like the fact that we could put the teslas anywhere We Want. Again Thx fot helping me!
نفس قريتي
Give me your acont
Best base I have seen
Best base i've seen for a th8 keep up the great job also can u do one for a th7 pls?
Thanks this base design actually works
Background music's name ?
I created this base in 2016 and I finally found a video about da base.

I think I created it
I know it is hard to believe
السلام عليكن اصديقأي منو من حلب يدخل علا فيديو صدقني رح يعجبك هاذ رابط
Meri कुछ चीजें बच गई
It is not good to clump up the storages like that, he can just attack from any side and all your shit would be gone
Can you give me id of your,s th 8 please give
Bhai tum kis clan make hoo I will copy your based
This bace sucks the loot should not be in the middle of the bace because someone could use eq on the walls and break in
Wah kya base ha yar thankyou th 4 ke lia bhe ak base ki video benao
Easy 3 star with lavagoboholaloongowipevapegibarcherloonion

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