Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon

Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon

Ignorance is deep in politicians!!! Corruptions is even deeper on our politicians!!!!.........Thanks to educated and people like Alexandra and Twyla we can hope for better!!! Thank you Thank you!!!!!
I never thought that Canadian Gov and politicians are so greedy and careless for the natural resources and public wellbeing!!! Thank you to the hard work and effort of all these people we can be educated and aware of CORRUPTION!!!!!!
i will no longer eat salmon, farmed or wild. live long, my little friends. may everyone do the same, till all the salmon are free.
51:29 wild salmon vs farm salmon. thanks a lot doktor..
wouldn't it be better to prove we have clean disease free fish. To me that is more a selling point than covering it all up. What is wrong with these people
Nothing will change
Dr. Gary Marty is one of those so called scientist that you pay to if you want something done that’s totally unethical.
Typical industry and gov’t collaboration. Researchers have been punished for discovering what is supposed to save lives.
5 Reasons to STOP eating FISH [warning graphic]’
F r e e l e e, YouTube it please watch this, it will change your mind. Thank you.
Are these disaeses transferable on trout species ?
this government is so messed up they got all the proof all the things they need but they care so much about the market they are just going to act as nothing happened we need to make a difference
You guys are amazing, only hope the general public can do something about it altogether, but unfortunately it is never enough unless the whole nation stands up.... watched this video numerous times and is the reason why I don’t eat or buy any farmed salmons... only on rare occasion would eat wild salmons on the market or restaurants. It is so upsetting to know. You guys are amazing!
99% of politicians are hard working people . Trying to figure out how to be re/elected at ! Any Cost!
Canadian government you should be ashamed of yourselves you would rather kill innocent people than recognise a problem this is pretty much genocide, and dr Marty you need to be stripped of your credentials.
Can't believe how mild were the reactions of these scientists... after the government fucked with the results of the ISA tests... and shocked that a major western government could be so completely, utterly corrupted. And the public? Are Canadians just as dumb as Americans? I hadn't previously thought so...
It is an amazing job and dedication to find out the truth and even harder to go public. Even a well- developed country, the government always surrenders capitalism.
Imported Salmonella and Listeria on Canadian Salmon going to the United States. There are no regulations on this import since the Trump administration.
Fast forward, we're seeing the same type of behavior by the current U.S. administration, by musseling or even removing scientists from their post.
We're seeing this at the EPA, CDC, Dept. of Interior to name a few.
We need sound science in order to have sound business. Anything less is just criminal, no matter who is in Office.
All this in order to same big business.
Science needs to work in unison with industry and Gods way in the Holy Bible and then it will be good news your neighbor as yourself and all people's need to do what's right in God's sight stead of greed
C'est épouvantable.... Nous vivons dans un monde tellement corrompu...... Quel bon reportage ... Merci pour cette publication

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