Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon

Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon

Nothing wrong with the fish the problem is the government start a secret organization and solve the problem with criminal politicians that support big business and not the public they are suppose to serve/
They need to follow the money and see whos got interest in these farms etc etc . I am sure theyre making either a kick back , have their own money tied into these farms or something along those lines just like norway . The fisheries person there has half her family and her invested in fish farms etc etc so im sure its close to the same sort of deal . Government only fights when the moneys involved are personally invested and/or can be lost or gained , why would they care if it isnt their money right ? something is off here
Hey I've watched this documentary 3 times, and I wish that this would be spread further than it has, not enough people talk about this, yaknow?
all farmed fish are toxic. even catfish and talapia. they are fed un natural foods and with chemicals. hosed with pesticides etc.all causing cancers etc.
looks like all canada fish are poison wild and farmed
Well since they say theres no virus they back it up with they become responsible for all the countries fish that they trade with. if it comes to any country canada trades with they should fix all fish industries. in all countries they trade with
Shouldn't be up to the Farm Owners, like a Restaurant they should have to Pass Health and Safety Inspections surely ??????????????????????????
My Brain has just gone numb with the sheer moronic weak willy Livered incompetency of the Canadian Government to look after it's part of the Country the wild life Eco System and it's people and people all over the world who also obviously buy that Farmed Salmon to consume.
Canadian Government Take It Up The Ass especially that new Young President if he isn't doing anything about it.
I am no longer going to eat Sockeye Salmon or anything from Canada
Tell Cartwell to do a skit on it
"We need to do something; the government is sure not doing it so somebody has got to do it". To all those who have dedicated their precious time to research so we can better understand the world around us, thank you!
Great presentation, hope people can see why they need Jesus Christ in their hearts and lives. The Bible fully warns how bad it is going to get, this video validates the hidden evil agenda at work.
if you want to expose them follow the money trail its all about wealth not about health i will never buy a farmed fish ever come on people wake up if they can not sell them they will have to close shop and let mother nature try to repair the damage of theses greedy people who try to remain nameless George retired fisherman Scotland knights Templar
Big business wants to see every public resource regulated and out of bounds to the public or destroyed so they can corner the markets. Just look at the Nestle ceo comments re water resources.
Fish has been always been my primary source of Dietary intake, and until 3 months ago, I was eating Salmon up to 3 times per day and had my freezer completely stacked up of Atlantic Salmon, It was only when I found desaturation of flesh color, and the skin detaching from the flesh upon attempt to scale the, so I took the entire stack back to Where I purchased it from for a no questions asked refund. But Now I feel it may be too late for me, as i am suffering the consequences. (intermittent sharp internal pains)
Mendacity! Shifty in their chairs, oh the rapid blinking, looking VERY uncomfortable, the only thing that would make it perfect would be them saying (growly Nixon voice) "I am not a crook" Oh well, potatoes for dinner.
OK so the fish are sick and it's obvious.. What can be done to help these fish get healthy again? I know medicating them is frowned upon but if we can't medicate them what is the answer? Arguing about it is pointless.. Helping the fish is the only answer here that is also obvious.. Do something about it, don't just talk.
EHANK YOU or your work
gegicated ladiess
g nz
So incredibly sad to hear about the passing of Twyla Roscovich.
Would make sense to halt salmon farming for 2-3 years and raise funds to start again. A tax on the community to save all salmon is not a tax but an investment.
The disease of money is transmitted by politicians.
A jaw dropping documentary
How do I sponsor these people?

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