Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon

Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon

It's a shame that Canadians are watching this unfold before their eyes & nothing seemingly can stop it
Shocking how people in government are so immoral and corrupt! The almighty dollar once again seems more important than having a healthy environment and population. The Biologists and Scientists who risked their careers to tell the truth should be applauded and the bureaucrats sacked, maybe jailed for incompetence.
The corrupt get rich, we get dead. Who is OK with that? Apparently most of the sheeple around the world. Start collecting the dead of illness food animals, and drop them off on the steps and doorways of government regulatory offices. If you do nothing, you are a part of the sheeple herd. Grow your own foods, take the money out of their pockets!
Another example of a weak unprincipled capitalist government, being controlled by the wealth and greed for profits of industry at the expense of the natural environment and failure to inform the general public compounding the problem.
All prop.
First, Dr. Marty you do know you're probably going to hell (at least you'll be with many companions), by being an integral part of a machine that's helping to destroy an entire Eco-system. Salmon of all fish doesn't need to be farmed, only a slight hand at fisheries management is needed, they bring themselves back healthy for us to get at (un-healthy fish don't make it back).
I still think salmon farms pollution is a very minor issue compared to all the other industrial pollution. A lot of the anti-fish farm studies are funded by wild fish conservancy and wild salmon commercial interests. hmm?
Sounds like what humans are doing to them selves.🤔
Canadian CFIA, Dr. Gary Marty, Stephen Stephens, Nelle Grange, Kim Klotins should be forced to eat the ISA infected salmon themselves, if they continue to cover up and lie to Canadians and North Americans.
And we in Europe get all that salmons and other fishes with a lable saying "natural, ecologycal and fresh from river". "Moooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrr money!!!!!!!!!!!“ its Just comming back at us and the virus originaly from eu.
Now we know why cancer has got so high in the last 50 years ! these people must be put to the courts !.They have been killing us !.Everything is about money and not about "us" !!
They die from vitamin E, and maybe other nutrient deficiency not from viruses. I just ate farm raised salmon but next time I will be wild because the wild will have three or more times the nutrient levels.
Somebody in office needs to be held accountable. Causation is provable. It should be a crime to NOT report disease in a food source should be a crime! The Canadian government is INSANE!
Oh God. Just saw this documentary and searched for the Narrator:Twyla n she is no more ;-(
The effect of exposure to farmed salmon on piscine orthoreovirus infection and fitness in wild Pacific salmon in British Columbia, Canada Published: December 13, 2017
"These results suggest that PRV transfer is occurring from farmed Atlantic salmon to wild Pacific salmon, that infection in farmed salmon may be influencing infection rates in wild salmon, and that this may pose a risk of reduced fitness in wild salmon impacting their survival and reproduction."
Dr. Marty looks like a complete moron
Support Native Species.
its all about greed and power and individuality and has nothing to do with the human species. these are greedy bad people. They no longer fit in here on earth, Corruption, murder, lies, thieves. this is everywhere. When the flood gates open all the bad people will disappear.
105 thumbs down as of this date. are you kidding me?

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