Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon

Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon

Very sad indeed! Something fishy for sure! The denial of the disease by the government tells me there is a agenda at play. The fact they want to pass bills to stop citizens from reporting diseased fish! This lady in the documentary is a hero!
Animal Health Act a deceiving name as usual to conceal sick animals, it should be called "Sick Animal protection
Act". You can see a pastern in the politicians laws name, it always the reverse.
Democracy is a joke people elect the "official" and they represent and protect corporations and business against the interest of the people ( it is the same thing in every western country ), why people still vote, a NO vote is equivalent to the system is broken we don't want it.
Great thanks for this documentary and wholeheartedly congratulations for all the brave scientists who do not give a duck about speaking the truth.
Why don’t just told the farmers convert to fishers
Makes you wonder what other avenues our government is full of BS.
We as humans, have stuck our noses in to every crack and crevice of anything natural, and have screwed this planet over....all for the almighty dollar.
I admire your effort on the welfare of the nature. This was very educating and awakening..
will never buy salmon ever again. you mess with nature the nature messes with you
All the government officials in this look mentally ill lol oops
whoa whoa whoa...I just watched a doc on Norway salmon...not cool....she just said "what do we do, ship them to Norway".....ugh
religion b4
wow is this 1600's? truth before religion?....HOW ABOUT TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!
We (people) plunder and move on to the next unsuspecting victims, plunder and move on again. Hope we can develop technology for our species to eat sand and dirt. There is NO, NO, NO, government organization that is "looking out" for you....only their own job(s)! Oh, and Stephen Stephens gives me the heebie jeebies for sure.
What an amazing and brave woman she is and a real beauty to boot!!
McCrea should be voted out of office and arrested for endangering public health at the expense of his short lived political career
Dr Marty is a jerk!......says it all!
i guess 59 politicians and or fish farm owners dont like this video lol lol too damn bad.
how can the government do this? even to come up with a law that prevents scientist from saying a fish or animal is diseased and what area the fish come find out who wrote that bill and make sure they are never elected again booted out on their arse as they deserve to be. I just dont understand the stupidity of our wonder there is so much disease

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