Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Sacrifice Zone: the story of a real Australian gas crisis

Sacrifice Zone: the story of a real Australian gas crisis

What is the connection to produced water on crops to the Listeria crisis we had re food contamination? Is there any?
History will show you are right.  Thanks for all you do.
Send this to as many people as you can. We must protect our precious water in the Great Artesian Basin. We can drink Coal seam Gas!!
This is a discussion to be had with families at the dinner table. Why? CSG fracking is like an insidious cancer - you can't see the irreversible breakdown of the earth's planetary support systems, but like radiologists who do detect breast, ovarian, bowel or other cancers, our Australian farmers can see what is happening!. That is why this video is so important to all the urban families in Australia where we are so far removed from how our food is grown, where the planetary support systems synchronise with the the natural environment to sustain us. What if families across Australia knew the difference between 'natural gas' and CSG where possibly both are perceived as one? What if families across Australia that have gas as one an energy supply knew that are paying extortionate prices because transnational monopolies have secured contracts from a uniquely stupid Australian government where they can sell gas at a wholesale price to Asian countries, pay no taxes, and hold back supplies to the domestic markets in Australia so they can gain more licences from a uniquely stupid Australian government to rip them off?
What if there were Banks and community buy groups that provided incentives for families to transition to renewable energy and energy storage? What if families changed the CSG Sacrifice Zone narrative because they said no to CSG and said ... . goodbye you polluters, you are not welcome at our tables?
A really interesting video. There are so many petitions against coal mining in Australia supported by the Australian environmental groups. I have signed and shared so many. I hope they are successful. It is time to embrace sustainable solutions for energy, they are win for everyone, people, environment and animals.
Absolutely heartbreaking but mandatory to watch and share very widely!
Our Federal and state governments have done EVERYTHING they can to cripple our farmers. Love to know the number of farmers in the 1970`s and the numbers now ? and how many farms have been taken over by overseas companies killing not farming the land . Australian governments are just PUPPETS for international corporations , They dont care about Australian people or farmers. We need REAL people in power not these silver spoon corporate Muppets but REAL people like the ones in this video.
Where do I donate against these bastards ?
They said there would be PLENTY of jobs when they sold off our power stations and all that happened is that they crippled average homes and closed factories. WHO ARE THESE NON AUSTRALIANS that work for these monsters ?
Ahaha! 2 thumbs down on the video from Santos employees I see :-)
Permission to go absolutely FERAL distributing this file, in various forms please ???
Send this video to EVERYONE. Your local Member, all NSW Members, Federal Members.
What a significant piece of work and a great insight into what is happening. Well Done Cloudcatcher Media. Lets stop the Sacrifice Zone.

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