SA'F #107 - Crop Dusting! | GTA V RP

SA'F #107 - Crop Dusting! | GTA V RP

Where I live (northwest Iowa) the crop dusters fly 10 ft above the field
That is a smok plane
Yeeeeeah this had me yellin at my screen, just cause you a cop dont mean you suddenly have permission to commit a federal crime lmao, thats TSA & FBI coming down on your ass, and you can bet FBI wouldnt have any problems taking someone away for it
If those two where my deputy's they would be saying bye bye to there badges.
Play farmville on gta lol
you should see the ones here they fly right on above the crop
What's up one ocean ten I just subscribed to your Channel
Like ur vids keep it up ps ur my fav youtuber
You using natural vision or mvga for fiveM? Them graphics are nice on shadowplay
You would fly low altitude or get above the fog
One ocean ten it is a rudder at the rear of an aircraft
I giggled hehe, he said Flight Pan xD
I never knew you were a pilot!

Who did you learn from? AirForceProud95?
In my area they fly lower to the point where the wheels almost touch the tops of the corn
You must not fly in foggy weather it's way too easy to crash
do more fire
Please do more LEO
Lol these copers were so stupid when it came to the airfield.
Blaine county sheriff's always hating right ocean
A one ocean ten classic

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