[S1E60] Let's Play Minecraft FTB - Autarchic Gate!

[S1E60] Let's Play Minecraft FTB - Autarchic Gate!

7:58 The Assembly Table is Spiderman.
Its the death star! 13:13
whats yup from the future
You should have 8 lasers instead of 4
liked and commented for awesomeness!
RENDOG i love your vids you shoud get the outher cyber knights to get of they asses and play ftb we love it thankyou rendog lol
Rendog if you make a loop out of pipes and add a iron pipe to enter the loop so it will be a infinite loop there for no waste.
Loved the vid rendog!
Before calling solar power cheating, you should look at what gregtech wants for advanced solar power. It's a TON of work for a pittance of power.
Rundog you should make an me system i
I admit it is pretty hard to craft but Wien you het powernrunking knto it you can make it so you move all the items from youtube barrals andnquarys and when you go into THE me system you can just searches THE items st THE toppår of THE interface and ot is extremist compaxt it only takes up à Therese block space

rendog for the stuff for the plants you should use phased transport pipes
You made a pun

Hi rendog I have an idea for you but I do not no if I can happen on feed the beast but I think it dose try to make flower power and you might be Abel to make the ren star better and if you do not no what it is it duplicates stuff for you just put the item in the flower power and after a second or tow that is more
+bmrjw loops are just a temporary fix for things so by making something new he progresses further so he can make things to help him progress even FURTHER :)
===ATTENTION RENDOG=== Please read my last comment! I think it could REALLY help you out! :)
Search on YouTube: "FTB Creations Ep:7 Remote Recharging" This is a way to remotely charge your jet pack or tools when ever you are away from home! The thing is that it is that you can also wear a solar powered helmet, but I think that you would rather like to wear your Nano Suit! (I think that's what it is called...) :D

ReNDoG i love helping so i'll tell you you need a redstone signal not pulser because if there is 1 space it will keep pulsin until something in but redstone signal should work
Just use a lever to power the block next to the electrical engine..

i think the autarchic pipe is seeing there is space in the inventory where the weed ex should be and its energy pulsing and there is actually no space for the hydration cell so it gets spit out. atleast thats what i think anyone correct me if im wrong.
Is buildcraft

18391 | 393 | 32m 39s

Agro Space

Agricultural economics refers to economics as it relates to the "production, distribution and consumption of [agricultural] goods and services".

The word agriculture is a late Middle English adaptation of Latin agricultūra, from ager, "field", and cultūra, "cultivation" or "growing".