Russia's Geography Problem

Russia's Geography Problem

I hope you like this video! I know its a bit more serious than some others ones but hopefully its still an enjoyable watch.

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Uhm. Khan conquered Russia and Poland for several hundred years. The "Mongol Yolk". Why wasn't this mentioned??
Have you ever try to see another point of view?
Actualy we are all human race can't get rid of war's and killing habits.
It's 21 century we are still in mid ages but with gadgets.
Maybe only AI can help us and with technological singularity we'll step forward
The Northern part of Russian is becoming increasingly accessible due to the melting glaciers. There are new ports that has sprung is last few years. You intentionally left out the city of Murmansk. There's an ice free port out there. You talked about the navy but never once mentioned that Russia has the third strongest Navy in the world. Perhaps, there's an agenda behind this video. Nice attempt at making Russia look weak.
And if USA will be down with Bank credits than all world will learn Russian and Chines ;)
Половина "фактов" - полная ахинея.
the real answer is vodka many russians drink their talents and potential away and i'm not stereotyping
Seanof east( japan) is not controlled by japan and you have drawn some wrong controversial red marks on the see what a crap youtube channel 6:07
Nice Explanation
There is an ongoing war between Russians, Ukrainians and western Europeans going in the comments.
Warning! There is vulgarity in Russian too
Russia don't need ice free waters anymore! Russia needs more nuclear submarines!!!
russias problem and poverty is not cause of geography... what a disingenuous video
LOL. Maybe USA is getting fear from the development of the others. That is you are making this video. Donot worry. USA has dollar. They will print as they need. Ha ha ha ha
Why do people dislike this, is it actually this bad, its just like disrespecting your teacher, we learn from these videos.
Russia's geography can be explained like this: Russia is what was left-over after other countries claimed the good bits of Asia.
It's extremely tragic you are spreading disinformation and lies. You have over a million subscribers. With that comes a bit of responsibility, and I think you know this.
Russia is now a weak nation and sees its demographic collapse writ large on its future. Russia should be treated as the dangerous, wounded animal that it is.
Author-idiot. He create own history 😝😝😝👎👎👎
Exactly the plane you dapacted were occupied by sattelite states during the Cols war: East Germany, Poland and Romania were/are located in this depicted plane. So the Sovjet union wold have been able to defend its boarders already in allied territory thorughout eastern Europe. Additionally it has to be noted that especially Ukraine, Moldova as well as Belarus increasingly as well (because of growing disputes with Russia and an increasing trade relationship with the EU in the Form of the Baltic states and Poland) are looking towards the West and Russia feels threatened by it. It looks like the Ukraine Crisis only had the goal to show Belarus and the Ukraine that Russia will not let go of the residual buffer zone, even if it is only neutral. Finally Russia takes huge efforts to undermine European democracies and the EU as a whole, and NATO if Putin can, via financing right wing populist parties which attack sanctions against Russia, want to weaken or even dismantle the EU. Plus it could well be that Putin helped Trump to be elected in order to weaken the transatlantic partnership in therms of defense and trade, or wt least he wanted to prevent an 8 year long Clinton presidency, which would have made the transatlantic bond even stronger. Russia also, as we know, undermines the western democracy by spreading fake news about migrants,Islam and other topics right wing populsts can use for their ends. The irony: Russia uses our freedom of speach against us.
Why is the tittle in Bosnian

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