Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Russia's Geography Problem

Russia's Geography Problem

I hope you like this video! I know its a bit more serious than some others ones but hopefully its still an enjoyable watch.

Also, people have been asking for them, so I’ve put a link in the description to a copy of the script with sources in footnotes. I’ll be doing that for every video from now on.

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thanks a lot
when you say Siberia is hard to cross to get to Moscow my question is - why do you want to go all the way to Moscow?! Just conquer everything to the east of the Urals and chill. That's where all the resources are. Nobody needs Moscow...
Wendover is amazing. Facts only my friends.
This dude is smart!!
any body that has played the board game RISK understands Russias geography problem.
slava russia)))) brat iz endee
Wtf is that map at 2:28
Totally inaccurate
Lets revers red dawn these mothers and split them down the urals with marines and paratroopers, drone spam their ICBM capabilities and seize all there resource wealth and most of there nukes in the east. They will great us as liberators just happy not to be annexed by china.
У России три проблемы.
Все дороги ведут в Рим.
Римляне в Колллизее.
американский английский а все из-за жевачки
жевачка вредит мозгу
стоит англичанину пожевать жевачку и он становится американцем
Russia's biggest problem is Putin who is the main reason for all the corruption and does everything possible to extend his 20-year authoritarian rule over Russia and poor Russian people - by brainwashing through fully controlled state media, through corrupt judges and law enforcement officers (who torture people), through rigged elections. All his friends and family members have become dollar billionaires whereas Russians become poorer and poorer day by day. But there is no money - it is spent on wars in Ukraine and Syria, on propaganda and what not, whatever Putin wishes. And this is the 21st century... Really, humanity is in its infancy still - or maybe it just never matures.
I don't back up my data for the same reason that i take out my teeth and brush my trash, I derive sustenance from funny looks.
Nice analysis, v. good. Also: nice featuring of a great Vasnetsov work - one of my favourites (do you know Bilibin, as well?)
you are full of shite... much you state here is FALSE!
Think that Russia decided to give Kaliningrad to Lithuania

If that happened will Russia have to give 1/3 of it's military to Lithuania?
WTF ukraine and russia are enemies at the time you made this, also turkey is close to russia, do your homework. You have a lot of incorrect info....
Is this a primary school video project?
Not a fan of these colabs!
The head of ministry affairs calls to the minister of defence:
- Listen, do not launch nukes on New York, I have a daughter living there,
- Crickey, the press secretary of Putin asked me not to launch nukes on London nor Paris, the prime minister asked me no to launch on Berlin. I have no idea where to launch.
- OK, target Voronezh, our people do not live there for sure.

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