Runescape - Snapdragon farming with juju potion

Runescape - Snapdragon farming with juju potion

@PyroPoison it requires a quest so some reason i think thats why.
you have to do the quest..
talk about profit, imagine doing that to 99 farm =p
@jack10392 You will need atleast 74 hunter, 74 farming and 64 herblore. Go to the herblore habitat and attract common jadinko's untill you get some ugune seeds and a lergberry seed. Later on you've got to attract igneous jadinko by planting a orange tree, blue wine flowers, a lergberry bush and construct a thermal vent. Then you will have to hunt the jadinko for marble vines. You will have to farm the ugune herbs yourself, while vials can be bought from the witchdoctor in the habitat.
@MrDomayo unfortunately, no :\
i wanna do those but its too confusing how to get the ingredients for the juju potion, can u help me?

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