Runescape - Perfect Juju Potions Guide & Overview

Runescape - Perfect Juju Potions Guide & Overview

how do I get the potions?sorry im new
Did I miss the perfect fishing potion somewhere?
I don't understand why they nerfed the Woodcutting one, It gets worse from normal to perfect.
very helpful just came back to rs and was likewoah lol
where are u mining there bro whys that gold rock got unlimited ore lol
whats the back pack thing in ur first slot  is it like a inventory bag
To make these potions do I have to have completed Plague's End?
so perfect potion is pretty much least effort ?
It is not expensive to buy at all when you consider that a single inventory of infernal ashes costs more than a (4) dose perfect juju prayer potion. The perfect juju prayer potion will pay for itself within minutes of drinking it, regardless of what bones/ashes you're using.
Perfect plus potion all day, everyday.
perfect agility juju (4) go for like 60k each..
Brilliant video. :)
Not 120 Farm? disliked kid
I love you <3

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