Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Runescape Old School 2007 | 300k - 500k Gold Per Hour | F2P Level 3 With NO Requirements

Runescape Old School 2007 | 300k - 500k Gold Per Hour | F2P Level 3 With NO Requirements

Dude you take forever to get to your points jesus.
Did this boy really just say

“Does it want me to clear my inventory in order to sell”

Answer: yes dumb ass . You need an inventory slot open to receive more item or gp

Fuckin DUH
Your an
Now this video is out my clan pk you have fun
aamh aamh uumh and aamnh uum aaam amm aaaa uuhmn aamn
At least bots can't take this method! I'll kill them all if they do!
I saw your inventory and knew you were going to do this method.
You know after this video was uploaded i bet their is a ton of lvl3's time to pk
first try succes, i try whit 1 item XD 100 peace, then 4 items 400 items then i fail lost and never try again; 2 team up wait for me and destroyd me boem death
Why i Can,t selling any notes at the Bandit Camp ?
The tilte is juste orrible
You know, there's a cheap instant teleport that doesn't require magic and that's chronicle. It even brings you relatively close to the ge, compared to walking back.
Ive died so many times and lost more then i can afford from pking teams. They just bind u and kill u. Teams littarely wait on poeple i promise
how u have all this item if ur lvl 1 ?
Hi, is this guy still out there?
Yah send all the noobs to get pk'd by other noobs lol.. Cant wait for people to walk around with 500k lol
Even better money making method

Wait in the shack for players to hop worlds and fucking kill em
Dont show evry one your knep
A better way to do this would be to bring a chronicle as a substitute of 1 food and then you could quick tele back to varrock

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