Runescape Old School 2007 | 300k - 500k Gold Per Hour | F2P Level 3 With NO Requirements

Runescape Old School 2007 | 300k - 500k Gold Per Hour | F2P Level 3 With NO Requirements

Ive died so many times and lost more then i can afford from pking teams. They just bind u and kill u. Teams littarely wait on poeple i promise
how u have all this item if ur lvl 1 ?
Hi, is this guy still out there?
Yah send all the noobs to get pk'd by other noobs lol.. Cant wait for people to walk around with 500k lol
Even better money making method

Wait in the shack for players to hop worlds and fucking kill em
Dont show evry one your knep
A better way to do this would be to bring a chronicle as a substitute of 1 food and then you could quick tele back to varrock
25butholes kills trap house gangbanging venezualean gold farming noobs like you stay in goblinvile killing ducks noob my f2p lv 41 with 60 mage will be looking for your cashstack to slap you with a addy arrow and fire blast
This is the absolute weakest and shittiest way of making GP on OSRS at this point.. Jagex fails to permanently IP ban bots which i think should be the punishment if you do it twice.. Given just One warning.. And because of this there are pleb accounts botting and never wanting to actually put in any effort to making any of that GP.. When you try this method you spend about 5 mins just looking for a world that isnt filled with bots using this method at almost every single location you can do this at... Honestly, do you want to know whats destorying runescapes economy? Fucking youtubers teaching these methods to every single fucking noob out there.. And those same noobs just want to bot while they play fortnite and then come boast about their Fucking stacks.... Jagex needs to crack the fuck down and start chuckng BANHAMMERS at people left and right.. The amount of people i report on a daily basis is down right unimaginable.
Sooooo I went there and got raped by 5 peoples
I died and lost 200K+. i don't recommend
It seems i've spotted a garbage flipper BOI. making runs to the trap house located in the bandit boi camp.
(forgets about General Store price (which is intended price))
Lost 28k
Didnt take a big sum out there
I seen about 5 diffrent people
While hoped worlds
Then a dude in full rune wiped me wearing my cheap mithril armor.
The flip was going well.
I planned to actually double my money.
But wrong I lost 30k.
So don't do this unless your runed up and ready for a PK
All I see are people bitching about how they lost their money getting PKed... You people knew the damn risk and took it don't point fingers because anyone should realize pkers pay attention to videos such as this and will camp these spots. As for the method, itself thank you for posting it as it's a method I had forgotten about completely after scouting the area I may attempt it.
thx boi lost 300k
it only works on the general store in wilddy?
Theres a shop out side of wilderness in the desert
This method is fucking broken. Pkers camp it

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