Runescape How to Make Juju Farming Potions Guide (Detailed) Commentary

Runescape How to Make Juju Farming Potions Guide (Detailed) Commentary

normal orange seed
Thank you for this guide, I have one question though, do I have to ovtain the orange seed from the jadinkos or it it the normal orange seed?
if you knew all of this why was you even watching this guide?
can a skiller do this
wow. ur comment was fucking rude. I doubt you could do any better and I understood him fine.
dude, doesn't need to be that complicated... he showed where to plant nuff said
thank alot for the tip bro. I gave u a like.
thanks for the guide
@magepwnerage i personaly think you did a good job. That keunic kid just got something up his butt or is a mad rager. He probably has issuses or lieks shoot down someones hard work. Thank for vid really helped me =)
@IlluminatourRS I wanted farming Juju potions so I Got 64 Herblore, and 70 hunter, I soon found out I needed 59 construction, and 74 hunter, so now I am back doing Common Jadinkos for the Ugune seeds and red sallys :/ I hate when Runescape doesnt tell us exactly what we need to get something.
Great guide .. Out of 3 guides this was the most helpful and best one. Thumbed up! =]
a good tip to add idk havent finished watching...mention the mud bath in ooglog it boosts ur hunter for a long time or atleast a while =] Level 45-49 = +4 Level 50-59 = +5 Level 60-69 = +6 Level 70-79 = +7 Level 80-89 = +8 Level 90-99 = +9
@Britishboy92 how can you when you already have 2 in your mouth?
@crunkdragon3 I'm also partly American and completely straight. Good fight on the racism tho :D
@crunkdragon3 No one gives a shit! we speak how we want :)
Note to the idiot public: the word "herb" has a silent H. Yes... this means it sounds like "Erb".
Stick to those vlogs and do ardy elite task and ghost ahoy......
bonbloc does it better. xD -Doc Jaster
wnb professional. maek dem vlogs no guides

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