[Runescape 3] Complete Herb Farming Guide 2017 | 400k+ Profit/trip

[Runescape 3] Complete Herb Farming Guide 2017 | 400k+ Profit/trip

How long did it take for one run?
Thanks for your guide. In absence of livid farm trollhiem teleport, which patch should be skipped if cant be done within active juju farming potion timeline?
someone tell my why no super compost please?
Disliked: Why? Doesn't explain how farming works
Very polished guide, with useful information. Thank-you for your work sir!
I do limpwurt roots too.
Don't go to ardy last if you do fruit tree runs after your herb runs. What I do is go to catherby last then run to the fruit tree patch there pick coconuts than tele to. My other fruit trees. Also doing potato cactus or cactus and morchellas makes good profit.
Doing morchella mushrooms is also a good idea..with canafis tasks done you get 2x yield
Bloodweed is my last patch of the run, as i can bank all my stuff at Cryws bank and all i need is a seed. For bloodweed, after i finish the patch, since i have all 3 pieces of sliskes reward for the manifested knowledge since it procs once or twice every run, i run south west from the patch to the wilderness obelisk, right click and choose the option to tele me to a specific obelisk, and choose the 1st option, then once it teles me, u can have the right click option and hover the wilderness sword edgevill tele for instant tele once u teleport to the lvl 13 wildy obelisk. probably takes 5 seconds more than your method, but i like the extra xp from manifested knowledge.
2 quick notes - The modified farming outfit head's teleport option goes to the canifis patch (3 teles/day), and if you put mobile on an offhand melee weapon or defender instead then you can use bladed dive as well (if you have it)!
If you get addicted to herb runs, like I was in the past, it may help to learn the farming mechanics. It's not a masively big deal but can certainly be usd to an advantage.

The moments of plant growth/disease occur durring 5min windows that open an close with real time clock. At the same time every hour there are 3 windows of growth time for herbs. The first 5 mins , from :20-:25 past, and from :40-:45 past. Everyones herbs will grow a cycle durring those 5min blocks.

An example: If you plant herb seeds before 11:59 they will reach harvest time durring the 1:00-1:05 window. If you plant seeds after 12:05 they will reach maturity durring the 1:20-1:25 window.

The actual minute on the clock that a players herbs grow is determined when you login or out. It is good practice to login or out at least 1min before a growth window opens. And if you loggout durring a growth window, BEFORE your herbs do their growth cycle, they will usually skip it.

There were alot of times I would logout for the night an later on look at the clock an say "ok herb run in 12 more mins, might as well stay awake couple mins.
Kinda misleading on the profit per hour. You can basically expect 50-60 herb on average from your main herb patch and 8-10 on your bloodweed patch. I'm pretty sure herb protection doesn't work while aura is up (or at least hasn't worked for me), so you can expect some herb patch deaths. Add in costs of seeds/juju pot and you're prolly looking at 300k profit per run.

Also, I don't agree with the order in which you do your run. The vast majority of people won't have trollheim herb patch teleport, so it's always better to start at that patch, then finish at Prif patch. This gives you the most amount of time on your juju potion and aura in case you wanna hit the vine herb patch, or grapevine patches as well. When you get to prif patch, simply bank your entire inventory and pull out just the bloodweed seed. This basically means your risking only the herbs from the bloodweed patch.
HELLO YOUTUBE IT'S TONY! - best intro ever!!!!
Nice gold armour and guide! How many raffle tickets?
have you tried fellstalks? they're good farming xp.
Interesting guide. How did you get the harmony moss?
Wow what is that gold armor you got daddy?
another great guide man. didn't know herb runs could still be so profitable in 2017.

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