Runescape 2007: How to Get 1-33 Farming without Actually Farming

Runescape 2007: How to Get 1-33 Farming without Actually Farming

sweet! recently started a new account after losing a max....really cool to see your old vids.
1.30 before this cunt even tells u... disliked.
Time for Osbuddy bro
So much easier than actually farming. Great vids man, use em for all my quests.
or you could pick up flax for farming exp xd lol xd
all you need to do is 4 quest pshht my ass ended up doing like 10
youtube people are mean.. like wtf is this?
i think i might use my rake thankyou.
whats the name of the song for the intro?
Dayum when he got this from silentc0re, look up farming guide kickstarter
Fat nerds
Born to die<3
'Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains' (no requirerments) = 3.500 xp, level 1 - 17.
'Forgettable Tale...' (requires 17 Farming) = 5.000 xp, level 17 - 25.
'Garden of Tranquillity' (requires 25 Farming) = 5.000 xp, level 25 - 30.
'An Enlightened Journey' (requires 30 Farming) = 3.500 xp, level 30 - 32.
'My Arm's Big Adventure' (requires 29 Farming) = 5.000 xp, level 32 - 34.
'Recipe for Disaster - Goblin Generals (no requirements) = 1.000 xp, level 34 - 35.

Skill requirements:
36 Crafting
33 Magic
31 Herblore
30 Cooking
30 Thieving
26 Woodcutting
20 Firemaking
15 Agility
5 Defence
And 20 Quest points.
Damn was so excited to get my 33 farming then i open fairy tales part 1 lost city im like Nightmarerh voice - FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!
i liked the video
its a skill training guide, what the hell do you expect?
to post the comment i think?

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