Runescape 2007 1-99 Farming Guide | OSRS 99 Farming Guide

Runescape 2007 1-99 Farming Guide | OSRS 99 Farming Guide

This is an overview, not a guide. A guide tells someone to do A, B, C, then D.
@TheEdB0ys Bro some1 stole ur vid
This guide, omg this guide, omg Francine this guide omg this guide... So good
I can’t use wiki at work, so you showing none of the actual spots really made this unusable for me. I guess you tried tho
you cannot pronounce words for shit. go read a book.
What client is this? osbuddy?
shit guide bro,u are dumb.
(harvest ready to be harvested) LoooL
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This guide is shit you didnt tell us
What to do
Where the locations are
What to buy
horrible guide. no reason to pay for watermelon protection if you plant nasturtiums
2:27 plAYnts... dafuq
this guide is just one step above saying "train farming"
2:26 protecting all of your P L A N T S
thanks for taking time to help us out!
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What is this video even about?
What's up with the sad piano music?
Thank you. Your accent is awesome btw.

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