Rs 07 Farming minigame guide (90k+ Farm xp Hr.)Tithe Farm

Rs 07 Farming minigame guide (90k+ Farm xp Hr.)Tithe Farm

This music reminds me when I kissed my cousin at the bar
KKona BROTHER? also nice guide
how ofthen can you do this?
HOLY SHIT that xp
200m farm, here i come ? 😂
epic music :DDDDDDDDDDDD
hope the nerf it.. so far jagex lied about zeah..

the zeah xp/rates and mingames would be lower then the current best xp/hour rate of the skill..

already used 40mil in farming and on my bank is the rest for 99 (42mill) now with this sh1t update u get 70k xp per hour for free.. c'mon jagex don't be pre eoc all over again..

go go nerf..
Its highly possible to care for 16 plants at once for possibly double the exp. It even works if you plant the seed right after harvesting easily
For people wanting to go do this: You don't need your own fertilizer. You do need your own watering cans though. There are water sources in the minigame area.
I like this method...partially because I am cheap
Thanks for the guide, what are those rewards?
Nice vid,currently maxing out myself at 70k xpe per hour

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