Rotate, Crop, Straighten, and Transform an Image Using Photoshop CS5

Rotate, Crop, Straighten, and Transform an Image Using Photoshop CS5

Thank you very much for the tutorial!
thank you! you have the best photoshop tutorial I've watched. This is so easy to follow and easy to understand.
This was such a clear and easy to follow tutorial..  really helped.  Thanks.
Thanks ...
cant you rotatea picture in one go with out cropping?? with out cutting off corners of the photo?
does the perspective tool only work on certain images? i go to edit, transform, but the perspective option isn't highlighted (available).
Great video. Thanks for the help.
@danscourses It worked thanks!
@CreeperProductions98 That is really curious because your crop selection should be recognized and it sounds like it isnt. You may want to check the crop tool options and reset it to its default value. It is the little down arrow to the left of "width" at the top of the window, below the pulldown menus... phew. I am not sure that will work but it is worth a try.
When I select the area to crop, and hit enter, it deletes the entire picture. Same thing happens when I try to click the little check mark, it deletes the entire photo. Any help?
Good tips here. Can you use the ruler then crop, just so you dont have to crop twice?? Would seem easier thats all.
@pauljones2685 You have a problem in understanding.
@zZorgZz You could probably use the magic wand tool to select the area, then go to rotate. Not sure though, I just got photoshop a few days ago.
all i can hear in this video is all your mouth noises
dude.. you can use the context aware feature to remove the white portions on the sides.. (first picture). great tutorial though! thumbs up!

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