Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Ross's Top 25 Most Anticipated Games!

Ross's Top 25 Most Anticipated Games!

Would really suck to get a 4 year old game and then cannot download the updates because the server is gone.
22:01 lmao "so yeah, i look forward to playing this game. many years from now" hahaha I laughed so hard at that.

and btw I'm glad i'm watching this video for the first time about 5 years after you posted it (and maybe this will be a good reminder for you) so I can play these games now.

You say so much about your style and preferred way to play games and i'm totally in agreement. You're the closest match to my preferences of anyone i know lol. I was starting to think i was just being a rebel against everyone else for no reason. I do the same thing though where I only play old games. I don't buy into any of the new stuff. number one, to avoid hype (and I've seen many games get tossed aside).

like borderlands 2.... i was not impressed with that game. it was ok, maybe a 7/10 on it's best day. but never above that. and that game got so much hype and praise from people. I was given a copy and was like "meh". i guess my life has changed so much, i can't imagine myself sitting there hyped af for a game to come out and playing it all night and day. There are a few I can think of that if someone did something with them i'd play but it's not looking likely
So this was 4 years ago and I never heard of most of those games, nor have I stumbled over them in the Steam shop, or anywhere else.
Seems most of them either turned out to be vapor ware, or made no impact whatsoever.
If Ross was really looking forward that hard to those games, he must have been very disappointed.

PS: I just looked and apparently "Eitr" might come out this summer (2019) lol
So. Four years have passed. Time for another one of these anticipated games lists while you finish up the games on this list.
Man, Riot has so many DLC options now
Well, the four-year anniversary of this video was just a few weeks ago. I'd initially hoped for an update on this list, but given how a lot of these games have sadly fizzled, that... That might not actually be much fun.
So how bout now?
It's 2019, Ross! Update us!
getting to 1 year left, wonder what progress has been made...
Oh okay, I take it back. We happy few was trash but otherwise you made some great picks.
Wow! I'm watching in 2019 Schadenfreude here we come.
I predict half life 3 will be on this list.
Shame that the team making clockwork empires broke up.
Uh, I don't know. Nothing wrong with your taste, I'm just too picky. I'm building a new PC and can't think of any games to play. I'll probably give that new Prey game another try.
I've never played Metroid, but that sure looks plenty Turrican (which is of course derivative of the genre).
You probably know them, but Penumbra series and the games that followed, check 'em out if you haven't.
Dogs are less controversial than slavery. ;) In today's PC world you gotta play it safe.
Yeah, I don't play anything until it's properly vintage and obscure. Gotta keep up that hipster image. /sarcasm
who else thought that the microphone he has was a sweat mark
Grim dawn is just too Grindy man

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