Ross's Top 25 Most Anticipated Games!

Ross's Top 25 Most Anticipated Games!

holy sht this was 3 years ago, lets see how those games did... :p
Still waiting for Eitr, Ross.
5:57 - you might wanna take a look at Brave Earth: Prologue. Also, there is an "ancient greek castlevania" called Curse of Issyos
The consensus on 8chan's /v/ is that Mother Russia Bleeds was a disappointment. A much better alternative to that one is Fight N' Rage. It's got branching paths, loads of unlockables, and it has the best graphics I've seen in years. Let me talk about them: it nails the look of a Neo Geo game to a Tee, with scanlines, the beveled edges of an arcade machine monitor, gorgeous, fluid sprite animations, and everything. If you think Party Hard and Uncanny Valley had good retro graphics: you're too dumb to know what you're really looking at until you play a game that actually nails the look.
This is kinda sad to watch now. AM2R was killed by nintendo. Uncanny Valley had enough problems to get a review from Ross. The Crew is on life support, just as Ross predicted. The Forest is crap. Actually a lot of the games mentioned turned out to be crap. Shoutout to No Man's Sky for being one of the biggest disappointments of the decade.
Kona is actually incredible if you like adventure games, Ross. You gotta play it.
I think Ross would LOVE Divinity Original Sin.
14:37 woohoo :D future game dungeon content! :D
And then Snow released, and it had very unforgiving collision, and ragdolls that break physics.
remember when we were excited for the crew and we happy few
It's crazy how I just always find myself returning back to your old videos. I think it must be the way you talk.
fuck the last game. it is trash
That's pretty much a good representation of Elite: Dangerous, Ross. I'd say keep skipping it
I'd love to hear Ross's thoughts on Grim Dawn and Sunless Sea, if he's gotten around to them. I haven't poured as many hours into any other games since Morrowind and I think they'd suit his tastes extremely well.
It's been over 3 years. How many of these have you gotten to play so far? How do you feel about them?
Ross, as somebody who's played pretty much most of what you showed us on the list; I can say in pure confidence that there's none I enjoyed and thrilled more than SOMA.

If there's any way you ought to sort this whole thing, without a doubt SOMA has to be on top.
10:41 Don't EVER be sorry about shit like that. Companies that shut down games and just walk away with your hard-earned money is BULLSHIT, and these companies SHOULD be exposed at every chance you get.
5:26 Yeah... about that...
do a follow up video now
Too many of these games didn't turn out so well.

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