Ross's Top 25 Most Anticipated Games!

Ross's Top 25 Most Anticipated Games!

Shame that the team making clockwork empires broke up.
Uh, I don't know. Nothing wrong with your taste, I'm just too picky. I'm building a new PC and can't think of any games to play. I'll probably give that new Prey game another try.
I've never played Metroid, but that sure looks plenty Turrican (which is of course derivative of the genre).
You probably know them, but Penumbra series and the games that followed, check 'em out if you haven't.
Dogs are less controversial than slavery. ;) In today's PC world you gotta play it safe.
Yeah, I don't play anything until it's properly vintage and obscure. Gotta keep up that hipster image. /sarcasm
who else thought that the microphone he has was a sweat mark
Grim dawn is just too Grindy man
Ross, will you do Dex review in Game Dungeon ? I played it recently ..and would like to know your opinion :D
Soma is a great puzzle and horror game, by puzzle i do not mean anyhting that involves you making obtuse combination in your invory, infact your inventory is left to just 1 item that is it, other than that if you ever get another item it will be used within the next few minutes but be warned that its ending is not for the weak
I'm guessing that nobody told Ross that survarium is free to play now. Not hating on Ross for it. Somebody should've told him.
holy sht this was 3 years ago, lets see how those games did... :p
Still waiting for Eitr, Ross.
5:57 - you might wanna take a look at Brave Earth: Prologue. Also, there is an "ancient greek castlevania" called Curse of Issyos
The consensus on 8chan's /v/ is that Mother Russia Bleeds was a disappointment. A much better alternative to that one is Fight N' Rage. It's got branching paths, loads of unlockables, and it has the best graphics I've seen in years. Let me talk about them: it nails the look of a Neo Geo game to a Tee, with scanlines, the beveled edges of an arcade machine monitor, gorgeous, fluid sprite animations, and everything. If you think Party Hard and Uncanny Valley had good retro graphics: you're too dumb to know what you're really looking at until you play a game that actually nails the look.
This is kinda sad to watch now. AM2R was killed by nintendo. Uncanny Valley had enough problems to get a review from Ross. The Crew is on life support, just as Ross predicted. The Forest is crap. Actually a lot of the games mentioned turned out to be crap. Shoutout to No Man's Sky for being one of the biggest disappointments of the decade.
Kona is actually incredible if you like adventure games, Ross. You gotta play it.
I think Ross would LOVE Divinity Original Sin.
14:37 woohoo :D future game dungeon content! :D
And then Snow released, and it had very unforgiving collision, and ragdolls that break physics.

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