Rosalind Peterson: Smart Meters and Power Grid Testing

Rosalind Peterson: Smart Meters and Power Grid Testing

A bank of 12 smart meters were installed one year ago, in the middle of the night against explicit written notification prohibiting installation, right outside my apartment door, 4 months ago I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia... Coincidence?
you are obviously ignorant of the facts
yes ma'am.i agree.over 150 prominent experts in various fields have come forward as too the imminent danger this smartgrid program is to every creature with living cells.the thing that scares me the most is the word deploy.they are not installing these meters,they are deploying them,in their own words.see the definition of deploy,and keep in mind these are being deployed eyesight is getting noticably worse,my son has all the signs of diabetes now,and this exposure is acumulative
Same symptoms I have also. This needs to be stopped now
meh, what a bunch of clueless people. Smart meters have no control over any appliances, none of your appliances have the capabilities. Also smart readers wirelessly transmit your power the guy standing at your drive way. The fcc wouldn't dream of allowing the power companies to attach industrial grade radio transmitters to each and every house to transmit for miles. and radio waves are not really harmful. we are surrounded by them our entire life.
they want it to be matter what they will profit.thats y they continue deploying these meters as fast as they can.they create the problem,they provide the costly solution.the recieved a GIANT subsidy from dept.of energy under the guise of "green tech"yet the customer has paid for this upgrade and now that they r installed and people r having life threatening reactions,they want an extortion fee to remove the tech,and STILL refuse to remove deadly "repeater"antennae.AGENDA21
these meters are to be world wide in a whole state is one big hotspot now(oregon).these people r insane and apearantly they r trying to kill the whole planet along with us.
@jacmunbong brocovich*com
YES!!im so glad this intelligent woman is "on it".these meters are making me so ill i can hardly survive.peoples pets r being crippled,the frog population here has been extinct from these meters,bats birds and bees being wiped out,and i cant live anywhere now because of these murder meters and their numerous "repeater"antenae.symptoms:tinnitus,headaches,heartpalpitations,fatigue,involuntary muscle contractions,vision disturbance,confusion,memory loss,aphasia,severe insomnia,abdominal pain

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