Romania: Farmers struggling as foreign investors drive up land prices

Romania: Farmers struggling as foreign investors drive up land prices

Should do like Bulgaria, foreigners have to live x years in Bulgaria before they can purchase land, that would drive away the foreign locusts..
This is why you dont join the EU because the World Bank, US corporations and the IMF destroy the country and its economy buy up all the land and steal all the money and savings
The land was not "distributed to the public" it was distributed to the Capitalist scum, mostly Industrial areas, Agriculture areas and high interess and essential to the Society areas, those those were distroyed in few years and Romania was left with nothing, but pure chaos, thats way we were forced to enter and be addicted to the Capitalist Eu and their marketing Sistem!
And yes the farmers cintinue to struggle because no one buy or use their products and the State to sponsorize the peoples work. Because the Country is addicted to the Capitalist marketing and the Profit from the needs of the people!
And no! For them in 1990-1991 was not confuzing to buy the peoples work with nothing, but now if the people need help in their work is confuzing and it cannot be done!
Pure Capitalistic bullshit!

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