Roger Waters - "Time" - Live in Mexico City, Oct. 2016

Roger Waters - "Time" - Live in Mexico City, Oct. 2016

i prefer gilmour s version
Hell yeah!
Cuantas personas grifas no estuvieron..
No es lo mismo sin David
Roger Waters como o vinho do Porto quanto mais velho melhor!...
5:50 nice one Ned Stark...
Una maza!!!
Thank you, both Roger’s! Greetings from Illinois!
Volteas y vez diez años detrás de ti y te das cuenta que saliste después de el disparo.
"ZOCALO SQUARE" Jajaja se mamaron <3
I respect Roger, but it's not the same without Dave and Rick's vocals. Not that this is a bad version, at all, but just not the same.
Sin duda alguna unas de la mejores versiones en vivo, después de live en Royal Albert Hall con David Gilmour, y que mejor que en México 👏
The wall tour 2019????
I am totally blown away. Waters is still kicking the hell out of it. And the people at the concert? I love Waters/Floyd as much as anybody, and I've always liked and admired Mexicans. But I don't think I've ever loved Mexicans so much in my entire life. I would love to have been there with them.
Porfavor más videos del concierto del zócalo, el mejor día de mi vida gracias Roger
Mil veces los solos de David gilmour , no se comparan
No me canso de ver este video. <3
One guy,one fuckng guy I don’t even think he is from this world he is not human
Que maravilla ...por favor ...😍😍 Grande Roger💓

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