Roger Waters - "Time" - Live in Mexico City, Oct. 2016

Roger Waters - "Time" - Live in Mexico City, Oct. 2016

el solo nada que ver con gilmour, por mas espectaculo que de waters la calidad musical de pink floyd se le debe en primer lugar a syd barret y principalmente a david gilmour.
Glad to see this. It had to be one of their last concerts.
Apoia o sistema de corrupção do Brasil. Decepção.
Roger Waters you're amazing
And then one day you find 2 years from this concert :/
Darkside <3
R. Waters Communist and Globalist PIG - Bolsonaro is the Mito Mito Mito Mito Mito in Brazil!
Conunista filho da puta no nao volta lixo
Didn't have talent to play prog had to go "psych"
the softly spoken magic spell ,,,,, Viva el Mexico
Vagabundo tem de receber um universo de DESLIKES urgente e ta na hora de baixar os shows deles e nao ir aos shows no Brasil fazer eles cancelarem no Brasil....vai fazer show na Venezuela ......DECEPCIONANTE ENTROU NUM ASSUNTO QUE NAO TE PERTENCE...BORA LUGAR PARA OS CANCELAMENTOS DOS SHOWS NO BRASIL!!!
Roger Waters is a great songwriter, bass player. He however is not a singer. Sorry fellow floydians. It shows here. Anyone know if there is a upload for this complete concert?
Ozzie Osborne on guitar
This gray-haired goat supports the occupation of Crimea by Russia and the killing of Ukrainians by the occupiers. He's a fucking insignificance and a fascist.
300,000 fans...
Mexican has good taste of music :)
Que espectaculo que envidia y gratis puta madre epico fue
Great concert.

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