Robots in agriculture

Robots in agriculture

Robots being a major thing in the future is the basis of my startup right now, [inc.,, robo[every casino game ever].com : supplying live casino games where the players 'spin the roulette wheel' or 'roll the dice' themselves, live online or locally at the table - via robotic casino gaming tables. I am totally sold that the future of robotics is huge.

I love this stuff.
A very clever chap - those nutters asking dumb ass questions at the end though. seriously?
Fuck IT is for american again.
Fuck i think IT is for germany damn.. All asians doent know what is meaning of real IT
As an Australian farmer I found that one of the most juvenile and uneducated talks I've heard thus far.
Its fine for him to tell everyone about his ideas, but I guarantee you guys, they are not reality.
I've been on the farms he seems to know so much about and worked for a long time to feed people. If you don't think the farmers want to stop using this poison "then everyday imagine yourself doing it". Just about over it to be honest. But watch the video again and notice how much he avoids the question of herbicide use. Monsanto bastard in my opinion. I Know in Australia the day we leave the land is the day she'll all close down. I say that together with my aboriginal brothers. That guy is not invited!
we already produce enough to feed 12 = 14 billion its just nobody has the money yo pay for it
Animal agriculture is going to be much more expensive and eventually cultured meat is going to take over most of the market. In fact it is already happening.
Great job
extremely well presented issue. Rational solutions. Yes, Yes. Consequential. Yes.
This could solve the problem i/we have in Norway with lot of fields to steep for a tractor and that i am not villing to take on big loans for big expencive equiment that only can be used in a few places. Its normal to have a job elsewhere and have a farm as job number two here. Little time to use on the farm will have the need for more robots instead of big expencive tractors and equipment. Farming have got'en very industrial like and expencive. This robots bring us back to the simpler old days and with less resourses and energy used to farm. Big dangerous machines that cost a lot with high maintenence and is not very agile is an issue that stopped me from wanna be a farmer. Now i feel there is hope 😀
How much does the future of robots in agricuture have to do with Trump's draconian immigration policy?

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