Reality of Budget 2018 | Dhruv Rathee Critical Analysis (Income Tax, Salaried people)

Reality of Budget 2018 | Dhruv Rathee Critical Analysis (Income Tax, Salaried people)

Forgot to add one point on the education cess, it has increased from 3% to 4% on your salary. English subtitles will be up by tomorrow :)
We want a video on.::: what promises are made in 2019 I may be helpful to us
Congress next time
Government ke par ideas toh bohot sare he lekin implement nahi kar parahi he, ye log promises to late he Sirf ye dikha ne ke liye ki party kitni intelligent he .
In Europe they take 30% income tax + 20% GST, so almost take 50% away. BUT they give back free education, free medicines, fee hospital, free pension, free jobless salaries & superb infrastructure. What do we get back from our government? Why should we pay them taxes when we get back nothing? Government wants us to show our balance sheets but why don't they show to us their balance sheet of the government? Why are not tenders opened online on internet so we can see the transparency how our tax money is being used ?
Kahi Kara nahi
Actually hame ane vale sal me rupees kaha kharch karenge usko janta ko dikhaneki itni zarurat nahi he jitni ki pichhle budget ki reality dikhaneki he.
Hame ye dekhna chahiye ki pichhle budget me dikhaya gaya sub kuchchh vakay me kharch kiya ya nahi
thanks you improve my knowledge.
तुझे बोलने का अधिकार किसने दिया भोसड़ी के, तू है कौन हमारे देश के बारे मे बताने वाला, नेता है कोई न्यूज़ वाला है मै बताऊ... तू दल्ला है साला देश को टुकड़ो मे बाटने वाला दलाल
Nothing happened
Starting mai aap neutral tha par as elections are approaching aap BJP against ja rahe ho.
In my opinion aap indirectly people ka mind BJP k against divert kar rahe ho.
ध्रुव राठी जी आप एक अच्छे पत्रकार हैं ।इस तरह की जानकारी हमें देते रहे ।धन्यवाद
ek baat batau humare gaon me ekbhy ghar aisa nahi Bacha jisme bijli naho.aur koi jhopda nahi Bacha,sare ke sare pakka makan wale bangaye.
rahul gandhi
Housing for all ka progress dekhne ke liye villages me aao, specially welcome to Sakariya village in the Chhattisgarh state
kutta lok aur bi khai gaa
Mr Dhruv, please arrange to focus the income tax exemption clauses in agricultural income, how bulk money converted into white and land snatching which co-related with the conversion of corrupt and black money in to white through agricultural income in the income tax exemption clause.
ye jhumla word kaha se sikha
Sab jhumla hai....???

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