Reality of Budget 2018 | Dhruv Rathee Critical Analysis (Income Tax, Salaried people)

Reality of Budget 2018 | Dhruv Rathee Critical Analysis (Income Tax, Salaried people)

Forgot to add one point on the education cess, it has increased from 3% to 4% on your salary. English subtitles will be up by tomorrow :)
Bhai tu hain kon koi economist hain kya? ki apne hisab se jo suit karta hain waise hi budget show kar diya
save india money...
Bhai apna News channel kohl 👍👍👍
No party or government does their job correctly because each voters do not even respond or care...if we do care they have to did it
Aaj ki govt ne Japan se loan leke rakha hai Bullet train k liye jo hamare hi public se vasool karenge aur ye kaha se logo ko 5-5 lakhs denge.. FEKU 😐😕😞
"Housing for all " scheme main hamare yaha (W.B. birbhum) abhitak bhot ghar BPL peoples ko mill chuki hain..and its a good sign i think...hope that all such schemes for BPL peoples will be implemented soon.."hope that"....and i like ur videos keep informing us about the flawed side of govt.
Sarey govt employees ki salary v inflation se link Karo.Mtlb apna pura intezaam kr liya.Apna kaam banta , bhaard mei jaae janta.
The Money for Healthcare will be generated from 10% LTCG Long term capital gains tax charged on Stock market earnings for more than a Lakh.

That is also why after the budget Market tanked.

Because that is bad for Investments in the Market. You can see the Nifty/ Sensex Chart on how it fell after they announced it.
sc st allocation in 2018 budget 95,754
crore..comapre to education budget of whole india 85,010 st>education.....what d hell is this???...Waah bank politics......
Dhru sir sahi baate boli
Dhruv superb explanation. your are doing great 😊 😊 😊
Kya hoga hamara or hamara desh ka .😭😭😭😭
Hey dhruvu need to come India and see yourself
RAGA's true lover spotted
I am a student and taking no coaching and self studying soo I need little help with these questions .....anyone with answers please reply1.can a national party also contest in a state assembly election?
If yes,what if it loses in that state assembly elections whereas it wins in loksabha elections and forms it's government then will it show any partiality towards the state in which it lost in a assembly elections?
2.what if a national party loses both assembly and loksabha elections from a particular state then will it completely violate their state after winning and forming government?
4.can state parties also contest in loksabha elections?
5.why would a party in ruling government give funds in a state in which it lost its elections(whether lok sabha or state elections)

6.c an u take example of a state where ruling party in that state is not party which formed its government at national level by winning majority...I'm complete confused....
Thanks in advance😊😊😊😊😊
My doubt is why our govt. Is thinking of giving insurance of 5 lakh to every family.. instead put the amount in developing govt. Hospitals... and giving more doctors round the clock..
As one person is having a govt. Hospital in his village not any corporate hospital in a village that he can claim that 5 lakh, am I saying correctly... ??? Please make some video on this
gov. provide 5 lakh health insurance to 50 cores family not 10 crores

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