Clark Harris Womens Jersey  RC tractors with tracks in ACTION! Case, John Deere, Cat & Co at work!

RC tractors with tracks in ACTION! Case, John Deere, Cat & Co at work!

Where did you get the case quadtrac?
These are toys, but clearly hundreds or perhaps even thousands of small machines like these working in concert could be used in actual farming even on large farms. If equipped with micro-controllers and computers these machines could eventually work autonomously.

Automated farms and factories seem like they might predominate in rich (powerful) countries within the next 10 to 20 years. As Jews we will have more time to study Torah and perform Mitzvot, but what will other peoples do? If they are Noahides they will likely engage in holy activities, but Pagans will likely—at the very least—make more mischief.
are there any brands or comapnies that do make full rc tractors like these?
Trump for president. Kool tractors
Das Match war echt gut ab 2:03, ein Rückspiel gab es ja schon :-) auf der nächsten Messe müssen wir das dann festhalten.
Mein neuer Channel ist gerade Online gegangen, schaut doch mal vorbei, dort seht ihr die neue Entwicklung des Tractors.
Freue mich über eure Kommentare :-)
ho w much is a case tracter with tracks
Hello Monsterchannel, could you name a website where I could find parts to build these tractors with? I hear they make pre-made frames for tractors and I have seen pictures but I have no idea where I can purchase one. Or a place that sells servos, motherboards, motors and that sort of thing. Any advice would be much appreciated. Great videos, keep up the good work!
Nice video with all the RC tractors
Superstar Modelle 🌹😎👍🏻
Do you think it would be possible to do like a raw uncut livestream or just like and hour of uncut footage?
Tolles Video Daumen Hoch warum zieht der quattrac so sehr Daumen Hoch
Lots of the tractors I see is built by the ower. Most of the working parts are the tracks and lights. Tracks seem to be scratch built if you have a milling machine to build them. Most of the tractors that are pulling equipment are scared built. So if you don't have the money or tools to make it then you will have a hard time getting what they got.
Who are the manufacturers of those? They look beautiful.
Where can I fing tractors like those
Do you know of anything that could be done with tires and not tracks? Also I like what this video has to offer:

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