raise small livestock in your garage or backyard :Prepper Fest Arizona

raise small livestock in your garage or backyard :Prepper Fest Arizona

I ship birds all the time. you get the boxes online and you have to drop the birds off around 5am to be shipped out immediately. he just isnit trying that hard. Dude dosent even have a email or website. I would have bought one of those systems from him. oh well DIY time!
$320 way too expensive. Great Cage system though.
Z. Hi
I am raising some in my apartment. not many though. but i have 3 cages and keep them clean.
over 300 usd for a fucking cage hahahahahahaha did mine for less then 5 usd if you have 300 usd for a cage you dont need to own this bird ... your rich
I can't believe he kept a straight face when he said $320, he must be targeting the trendy but gullible urban homesteader.
conventions like this one are cool and all, but you really don't get any quality products at them. they are wayyyyy too over priced. 320 for a rabbit cage and a plastic bucket connected to pvc? you could build that for under $20
Quail and chickens are not sustainable over a long haul.  They need grains with the right amount of protein and other macro and micro nutrients.  Quail need 30 percent protein which can be hard to find even in purchased food.  You could buy food up and save in drums but would only be able to keep it for a time without it going bad.  DE in it may keep out the bugs.  Rabbits however can be fed 100 percent from local weeds and grass you harvest with just a little bit of grain.  They are truly "sustainable" for the average person.  Settlers used to keep chickens free range but if you live by people their animals and the local predators would most likely clean you out.  Settlers used to kill all predators in the area.  That was a job for children and a 22.  Just saying.
I wanna learn more about that self contained watering and feeding system with the cage
I thought the eggs were little balls of cookie dough
Quail jerky,Quail kabobs,Quail dogs,Quail buffalo style,Quail stew,Quail casserole,Quail burgers, Quail soup,Quail omelettes,hard boiled Quail egg's, Quail n rice, Quail n potatoes,Quail n pasta,Quail n waffles, Quail n ramen, Quail mac,Quail salad,blackened Quail,Quail broth,Quail n beans,beer can Quail,smoked Quail, Quail cold cuts,Quail n corn, yuuuuup...f s.h.t.f., time to save doe on grocery's and eat clean meat.
Gonna guess this show was much bigger in terms of the number of exhibitors and spectators vs the one in Pomona, CA; the P4P Expo.
I have had both quail and rabbit both are delicious. I have bred quail before and they are quite prolific, like a weed once they get going. $320 even with a fancy bucket feeder and water and egg roller is too much.
If i could keep myself from eating all the Quail this would be a great system, lol Very cool Mix, Thanks
sounds cool.
Quail, very interesting.
Definitely an intriguing idea and awesome to boot...
Who knew...
Rabbit is good, but they're not suitable for your only source of meat due to the tiny amount of fat on them. It causes disease if you only eat rabbits.
Quail meat is delicious but never had rabbit yet, this is awesome thanks for the videos man

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