Pyro Pete the Invincible - Solo Siren Low Gear Kill - nerfed Bee - Borderlands 2

Pyro Pete the Invincible - Solo Siren Low Gear Kill - nerfed Bee - Borderlands 2

Awesome. Thanks for the video man. Best place to farm eridum for entry?
i don't hear the sound when he's doing the nova, i can never predict when he's gonna do that
hey man, like the video, watched it twice now to make sure i got everything right for the big fight :p. Anyway just a question (maybe a stupid one): what's the advantage of firing from the hip? I assume it's just the improved accuracy
You sond like stuwie
I finally took down Pete last night. No Bee shield. No exploits. It took me 35 minutes using a lvl 36 Siren when Pete was lvl 32. I think I have carpel tunnel syndrome now....
are you using the computer
Dude, do you realize what you are saying? Go to a wall, throw it under you, jump. You should at least try to explain that you mean people should glich up on the side of the arena and wait for pete to jump up to you, then get stuck.
Can someone help me take him down?? gamertag: APPLES015 thanks
pyro pete cant hit you when u do that so yea
That's a fucking useless comment.
Does it still work with the sandhawk like this?
NO ITS NOT just drop ur granade mod and go to a wall throw it under u jump there you go
you have to get the mission from moxxi, in the badass crater bar first. After you beat the torgue campaign
i recently killed pyro pete during the torgue dlc campaign but i cant seem to get him to spawn i looked everywhere around his lair but i cant seem to find him help plzz
helpfull video
Can u add me? SgtCook6 your COMMENTARIES R SPOT ON!
I tested it a while back, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't block it.
i dont own borderlands 2 still watch the videos for your commentary
Sorry I should have been more clear. The skill tree that puts up a shield outside of the commandos turret. Do you know if that will block the nova blast?

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