Anyone still playing this game and looking for people? I don’t have too great gear but I’m a level 68 gunzerker and could use someone to play with
Rip yoteslaya
Captain scarlets booty call.
Does anyone have the sandhawk gun? I need one level 40-50. I play on Xbox one
My res couldn't revive him in time RIP you legend
Rest in peace yote
Meh is it just me or do all of these youtubers just cheat at the game....what happened to just getting a cool weapon by chance by just playing the game normally?

Here is an interesting idea, instead of glitching and or my way of seeing it cheating just play with a friend that is decent at the game.
My is shock,thanks so much bro
Anyone else sad
rip yote
"Captain Scarletts Booty Call" i know im a bit late, but Rest In Peace Fallen Pandorian 👏
Miss you dude 😐
I need sandhawk add psn WolfGaming-2018
00:40: you said that on purpose
I only use the Pimpernel to him cause my sand hawk has fire..
Just tried this method and I couldn't even get his shield down, I didnt even get half way and in lvl 72 op2
Rest in peace you will be remembered
Anyone wanna dupe glitch it for me plz I'm on Xbox one,gamertag manamaori86,I bought the wrong dlc dragon keep...
In like Errol. It's a play on "in like Flynn". As in Errol Flynn. Who fugged everything that moved.
I cant kkill em :/

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