Putin's farmer - agriculture and business in Russia | DW Documentary

Putin's farmer - agriculture and business in Russia | DW Documentary

I am planning on importing Wheat and milk products from Russia to Pakistan.
Hope this goes well..!!
More snow than usual, global warming protesters might be upset right now
No sunny places in Russia? They should colonise/ buy at least one country for the sake of warmth :)
I used to regard documentaries produced by DW highly. Unfortunately, this one is not up to the standard of a ususal DW production. How this German becomes successful in Russia? Why did he went to Russia to do agriculture in the first place? Where did his initial funding come from? How could he be successful while Russia farmers failed? It seems this documentary just told one-side of the story. Which, I have to say, made this looks more like a vehicle for propaganda .
Wow, well done. Bravo.
This story reeks of propaganda..
damn, german technology + russian land = agriculture industry.
I am very happy for all of you working together peacefully and successfully. I suspect SA must endure a collapse then make new beginning.
13.11: "I have told some European leaders to have the sanctions for 10 years longer.."
Russians know how important it is for a nation to be self-sufficient with food. Our (European) leaders think the opposite. Coz they are so fond of the global mindset, and don`t really give a fuck.
Very nice.Karibuni Tanzania
Recommendable, except for Stefan Duerr's admiration of Putin the Terrible
Germany is going down..taking on immigrants & now looking to Russia for natural gas supply..they cant hold up the EU much longer!
after reading some comments, all i can think is - that it is natural and healthy to like and take pride in your homeland, even if it makes some mistakes - which all do...so much for the intellectual's anti-nationalist, anti-populist posture...
Holy shit... this man does a lot to redeem everything his grandparents done. Awesome
At least he is building 'Made in Russia' important for employment and community development.
he looks like a comedian
Aaaaah, it's nice to see the the Czar of Russia continuing a long tradition of importing foreign talent because they can't handle the needs of their own country with local talent. Has a cosy, traditional feeling to it! I hear serfdom worked out great, hopefully they bring that back as well....
Fluent Russian my ass
All good except leaving the dairy cows and calves at temperatures minus 20 degrees, that is animal cruelty as bad as it can get

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