Putin's farmer - agriculture and business in Russia | DW Documentary

Putin's farmer - agriculture and business in Russia | DW Documentary

This is how good civil people are across all societies. It's the politicians who divide them in the name of patriotism, religion, ideology and some other nonsense. People need to question their own politicians when they wage a war on other countries for twisted reasons.
Russia needs more Germans for sure to stand up.
So he advised Putin to impose sanctions which just happened to benefit his business. What a surprise.
I wish I could talk my way out of...genocide
Stephan is a Vampire 🧛‍♂️ no doubt.
most hypocrite people are the germans. they criticize putin and at the same time kiss putin's ass by buying oil and punding putin's military and wars.
I like your work ethics Stefan.Worth aping,every step that is.Congratulations for your successful dairy projects.
What an amazing and positive story! I just hope that they are able to avoid the problems of agribusiness in the US - if they are able to make organic GMO-free food, they could be models for the world...
Russia has offered sanctury to the South African farmers who face genocide, 5000 places . To open up new farmland.
Great documentary
17:19 I don't think I have ever seen the sun out kinda clear in any video of Russia.
the key is in his words. " I met right people"
I like that. Russia should independent in all sectors.
poor fucking cows but interesting anyway
He is not wearing a seatbelt on his way to Moscow.
Putin is a former KGB chief and deserves every sanction plus a few more. He has had agents and others killed and jails those who oppose him. He cheats in the Russian elections and takes over former Soviet countries. He has moved the country towards more hard line Soviet policy. Dopes who are in favor of him are blind.
soo.. the germans still concord russia!
You agreed before the hockey game that you won't play too hard cus you have to go to work tomorrow but still got fucked by the Russians 6-2 .. hahaha
Ummmmm Agricultural products sanctions blew back on EU's face !!!! hahahahahahahahhaa so cool to hear

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