Putin's farmer - agriculture and business in Russia | DW Documentary

Putin's farmer - agriculture and business in Russia | DW Documentary

YouTube has censored this video by cutting the sound.
So Germany is going to ditch eu and partner with Russia?
I am impressed with the milking carousels. Very efficient for maximizing production. I have not seen these in North America.
So far he is not a covert agent, so good for Russia.
Sadly, most Americans today d not realize that the WW2 defeat of Hitler's powerful NAZI regime was largely accomplished by RUSSIAN TROOPS fighting valiantly on the eastern front --- where the Nazis place=d their best troops. America was busy with the Japanese in the Pacific and slow to assist the Russians, even after "D-day". Ten times more Russian civilians died as the long siege of Stalingrad (a "meatgrinder" complete with many snipers) was finally concluded. Americans also need to remember the many Russians who gave their lives fighting for "freedom from FASCISM".
(Hope you agree, a that is the truth of the matter).
I wish we have 2 like mr stefan in somalia because most important thing u have to know managing and planing i wish you the best
Why not milk almonds instead? Just as nutritious but without the animal suffering.
i like &love your show
i want see live village life of yourope ,america.............
Long term the sanctions are probably the best thing that could have happened to the Russian economy. They have to begin adjusting to a post-petroleum world anyway.
I cried when Stefen put wreth on the dead and said I m sorry on part of my grandfather and German govt for the killings that took place in the past .Stefen ,a great man truly ,and its a truly great documentary .
Nice work, but I hope you're covering other aspects of Russian agriculture, there's a lot more going around that milk!
In India a person is called a cow if he is foolish, this is landmark to see snow swept cows living in open snow fall
Why is it that they never introduced the enclosed, close-loop, self-recycling, self-correcting, self-regenerating, food-chain cycle-based life-supporting agricultural biosphere eco-system combined with all different kinds of Professor Todd's "LIVING MACHINES" that recycles and regenerates everything and needing only replacement water and rock dust nutrients taken out of these agricultural machines in the form of harvested crops and animal proteins and dairy products and fish products, etc? Why open agriculture and not enclosed with life-supporting LIVING MACHINES that also co-generates power from all kinds of agricultural wastes in the process at the same time? Why not combined both the outside world's useful and protective flora with that of Russia's to form a much even better symbioticallized synergistically interacting productive ecosystem that provides simultaneously for both nature and man?
Best story. Everyone needs to be united , I liked hard work of Stefan. People learn about him.
@9:13 Russian kids are very cute
I just love how everybody here is looking after their own business without saying it out loud.
Damn, translation is fake
How stupid is Putin. What his forefethers stopped by force of arms he is giving these greedy Germans free. What a fool!
I like the fact of the non gmo ideology in these countries.Keep it up.

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