Putin's farmer - agriculture and business in Russia | DW Documentary

Putin's farmer - agriculture and business in Russia | DW Documentary

At least the comments on documentaries about Russia is not filled with religious fanatics like every other video on YouTube. It's a breath of fresh air to not see every other comment about Jesus, Allah or blacks vs whites. At least they got that going for them.
success, while there are friends in power. In Russia, laws do not work
u should always be self sufficient Then you have the higher hand George Washington
A very good documentary . It is a pity that every country in the west does'nt have a man like him around. At the moment we just seem to shoot ourselves in the foot all the time = MONSANTO ? !!
Great video. Very objective.
People forget that Russia is the richest resource country in the world by far. To bad they spent 70 yrs as communist. Well not anymore n people are investing there like crazy. The world is lacking resources. Russia does not.
He is a clever guy. It has nothing to do with him being a German.
It appears farming and dairy production is subsidized in Russia. Like in the EU. There is a problem there, because it is hard toget rid of subsidies, once they are introduced. I can't wrap my head around, why no country in Europe can have market based prices on milk. If families can't afford milk for kids, then support the families.
"Putins' farmer"! which makes it sound like Vladimir gets his tomatoes and potatoes through a direct line with Stefan's farm.
Russia is a cold ice sheet with no future in economics. Small successes in Russia will change nothing as economic failure will continue in the future, No hope. Russia invents and created nothing, The world buys nothing from Russia except OIl/gas . All farmers are subsidized by the kremlin and makes no profits!! Factories closing down each month, no new capital investments no growth in poor Russia. The dictatorship in Russia and corruption causes no or little profits. This video is a lie and state subsidies will cause dependence on the kremlin. A socialist state can never be competitive or succeed in the long run. Its funny as a German is taking advantage of the dumb Russians stealing their money!! ha ha!
Germans with conscience and Japanese without conscience and memory or morals
army of one
As a dairy farmer in Iowa, I find this interesting. Thanks for posting.
Basically he's your new Tsar, going back,back, BACKWARDS....Corrupt and Little, called little man syndrome.
They think their strengthening their agricultural system wrong it's week easily taken down millions will starve or they will have to put up local dairy farms to support if their main system fails? You don't want all your eggs in one basket, you don't carry all your money in one pocket dumbasses!!!
Frau Merkel ist Angry mitt Herr Duhr
Look at the winter
Dear Anglo Saxon war lovers, your sanctions are working !
Mr. Obongo and the US Congress thought they were doing something smart! What a joke they are! Russia is thriving, and I hope they keep the counter-sanctions for decades! No more free milk for the stupid western politician. Long live Россия!! Greetings from Norway!
Motherland and Fatherland the heart of GreekoRoman civilization,
Germany and Russia
Putin thief . I in Russia

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