Put Pigs And Chickens TOGETHER, What Happens?

Put Pigs And Chickens TOGETHER, What Happens?

It is a very bad idea to keep pigs and birds together. They both may carry influenza viruses that can mutate to very dangerous species when brought together. In 1917 millions of people all over the world died by the 'Spanish' flu, because of such a mutation in a virus.
kool pigs
The pigs eat the chickens!
PIGS will be shitting feathers soon.
America goes around to 3rd world country's and tell them not to grow pigs and foul together. Has to do with flew from bird to pig to human
Awesome...also chickens will clean a pighead in a couple of days, a little bit of brain is left but the skull will be white in days, nearly flesh free.
🐥 and 🐷 make Erdogan 🦃
I'd be dividing the pasture into smaller enclosures, and bringing the chooks in behind the pigs rather than concurrently. It might be slightly less efficient, but eliminates the likelihood of the pigs having a chicken dinner.
After catching only the occasional Art & Bri for I hava finally subscribed. Thanks for this. Appreciate minimal fluff and helpful information. Now will get about the business of catching up 😊
I just subbed. Thank you for the video.
Hi my 12volt is actually hatching...
Why that pig wearing a belt tho?
Animal Farm.
You get piggens....
You should be picking out all of those rocks your pigs were kind enough to unearth! We have AWFULLY rocky, red clay soil, and my plans to get pigs were inspired by their ability to root and “loosen up” rocks for easy removal. We only have 5.1 acres, and I am working towards being able to rotate any area of the property out for gardens.
Best wishes!
Don't ever let a pig taste blood. Goodbye chickens.
Then the chickens will have parasitic worms like the pigs do naturally.
why not put them in a pen with tree branches like in another video

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