Put Pigs And Chickens TOGETHER, What Happens?

Put Pigs And Chickens TOGETHER, What Happens?

What kind of pigs is this?
Good camera work.
think those chickens would put that seed in the ground for ya ?
Well Done! what a fabulous and engaging video, you an excellent narrator, this makes homesteading real interesting..... Thank You .
Put them together? You get Borneo.
The number one natural way to 'water proof' a new pond is to fence it off and put pigs in there...better than ANY synthetic liner, bar none! Pigs over a 4-6 month time will waterproof a pond floor better than anything (even ducks...though once you have a pond, ducks will keep your pond 'waterproof', and prevent it from 'turning').
Thanks for posting this interesting video. You certainly are a thoughtful farmer
What happens? They dig to China.
The pigs and chickens would like those bags of seeds!
big ole hogs are awesome. they remind me of myself
When I was a kid our pigs ate any chicken they could get ahold of.
put pigs and chickens together you get loads of white meat that tastes like bacon lol
Chigs and pickens.
Get a shave, farmboy!
No one cares about your pig boyfriends!!
They end up with a TV show called The View.
Pigs + chickens = disease! Viruses skip easily from birds (especially chickens) to pigs, and then easily from pigs to humans! That's why commercial facilities are outlawed by law from mixing pigs and fowl. In China, this is not against the law and that is why you hear, from time to time on the news, of pigs and entire flocks of chickens being killed in markets, because they are carrying more severely mutated flu viruses (read: bird flu!) that is passing back and forth between birds, pigs and humans.
Bacon and eggs, obviously
Pigs will definitely eat the chickens..
Checkout Polyface Farms they put the pigs in the woods to start because they get all the roots check it out
Together they can create a super swine-avian flu! /joke

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