Put Pigs And Chickens TOGETHER, What Happens?

Put Pigs And Chickens TOGETHER, What Happens?

Pigs to ruin land
Our chickens can go into our pig area as they are pastured in the woods and the chickens come out and free range in their area..they help eat all the little grain bits the chickens leave. What's your favorite pork recipe?
and this is why i don't eat meat
Hey, new here, where can I learn more about why you keep talking about nitrogen
Why does the biggest hog in the pen have a round twine looking circle around him
Amazing beginning to this video. It looks like a movie! Great camera and camera work. You have an eye and are talented. Great job!
Will 4 acers work for a small pig farm?
Eggs and bacon. That’s what.
Can somebody Solve this there are 58 chickens and pigs on a farm. they have a total of 164 legs How many chicken's are there?
may see the father
I have heard from many sources that pigs will also kill out anything that grows in the soil. Including kudzu. Since I don't have any means of fencing the pigs in, it would be impractical to have them root out all the kudzu in a large patch alongside a busy highway. Does anyone have any experience on this?
Bird flu
Oh wow, thankyou guys just found your brill channel
Ive seen pigs kill and eat chickens and ducks.. Goodluck with this in the long run..
Pig is haram!
Chickens n pigs wre a big part in the spamish flue.they call the pig the mixing bowl.humans chikens n pigs shouldnt be living beside each other check it out
U suk
What can happen is the pigs will eat the chickens. This must be a first-time hobby farmer who does not have a lot of experience. I even saw him allowing his children in the pen. Please discount a lot of this. The chickens should follow the pigs, but not be in the same pen with them.
I wouldn't do that, pigs will eat any animal smaller than them self or bigger if it is dead or then think they can kill it. Even cows will eat chickens sometime seen it once myself at a farm, then can even kill at eat kittens.
Nice farm.

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