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Pushing Boundaries in Agriculture | Rob Saik | TEDxRedDeer

Monsanto had to pay out millions because there weed killer's was causing cancer
Sponsored by Monsanto... :D
GMO's are NOT the solution!!
Simple solution is, grow foods that won't be affected by those fungus's, viruses, etc... and trade them for the foods you want, from farmers that are able to grow cassava, corn and rice.

It's very easy to move crops to a new area to grow. You don't need GMO seeds

These GMO companies don't care about the well-being of those people, they only care about the money they can make from selling them seeds, year after year after year. Why? Because the people will NEVER own the seeds, the seeds belong to the company that modified them. If they decide to double the price, farmers are at their mercy.

Better to stick with seeds that nature has provided you with and find a new field where the crops won't be subject to disease, viruses or fungus.

Why would anyone eat something that insects won't eat???
"I have 30 PHD's and 58 Masters" - so do Governments whom control Atomic Bombs . This means literally nothing, and to say it as an intro gets me worried .

No amount of PHD's or Masters can rid themselves of paper or pennies . No PHD or Masters means good morals or ethics . It simply means, people that have more ability in their hands to do whatever the payee wants them to do .

Its really that simple .
How much is Monsanto paying him for this speech?
Industrial Ag shill
Diabetes didn't exist before processed sugar and foods. If plants are fed the right nutrients insects and disease wouldn't be a issue. A healthy plant will have minimal attack from these. Whats the definition of a expert? x marks the spot a a spurt is a drip under pressure.
Great information
Thank you.
Dude that's why oranges have sucked so bad lately!
Grow your own heritage crops . Get off your arses and put in a vegetable garden. Grow your own food. Fruit as well.
What a tool. I’m open to the idea of gmo’s once proven safe beyond doubt. But this guy is a corporate tool.
this Rob Salk is a counter spin by industry , using science base belief lingo to justify the Agri bis misinformation campaign , this came on automatically after DR Thierry Vrain expose of Roundup and Monsanto GMO Roundup ready crops . Why does a Monsanto paid add rep come up next on You tube ???? why are TED Talks allowing big bis adds to come up after information on the complicity of believing that the Monsanto science is even based on peer review . this guy is a bull spinner , a belief manipulation , by using fear and small mind approach logic .
GMO's have caused multiple issues in the US, continental bee die off a rash of farmers losing their farms due to monsanto suing farmers when unwanted GMO seeds blow onto their land and sprout without having a signed 'agreement with Monsanto???,
it's a pity that monsanto created GMO's to make herbicide resistant plants, to increase the use of roundup, it's a pity monsanto lied about the safety of roundup for decades. It's a pity roundup is carceogenic. If GMO creation focused on creating therapeutically beneficial plants monsanto . In India GMO's are causing a massive disaster as they fail to grow in local conditions and produce the returns Monsanto advertises, so hundreds of subsistence indian farmers commit suicide every year.
"We need to feed these people" ????????????????????
Sorry Rob, economics is still in the driver's seat whether it be organics or GMO. Human survival depends on shifting to a sustainable paradigm long as profit dictates human survival, Monsanto's modus operandi, our species is doomed.
You can flog GMOs and pesticides all you want, but I CAN'T eat them without having unpleasant side effects, signs of allergy or feeling bad! I avoid conventional soy, corn, wheat, and on and on. Plus giving up the grain fed toxic meats. All I can say is that you can TELL me all you want that this sh** is safe but I still don't want to eat it and will PAY handsomely to avoid it.
He mocks the cost of organic but if you factor the health costs of industrial foods you will soon discover that organic is MUCH less expensive than "conventional". The health care costs of the US diet, based on Big Ag products are rapidly consuming close, I believe, to 20% of GDP.

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