pt 7 Book of Mormon Geography in the New World (full-length)

pt 7 Book of Mormon Geography in the New World (full-length)

posted soon. I agree with the pace of the video but it is difficult to present scholarly material in an entertaining way. Not impossible, but difficult. It also is much more expensive to do it that way. FAIR has very little money to produce something like that, but perhaps some rich LDS person out there willing to fund something like that. I looked into something like this years ago but will do it again because it would widen the audience of video.
We've done on on DNA and The Book of Mormon that you can watch on Youtube. It's under the title DNA and The Book of Mormon Explained full-length video. We produced a rebuttal to an anti-Mormon video, and have it posted under LDS Scholars review The Bible vs The BOM, and also a DVD on evidence of the book of Abraham called A Most Remarkable Book: evidence for the divine authenticity of the book of Abraham. We have only portions of that on Youtube right now. Should be getting the whole video
thanks. 'working on another DVD..' -- which DVD was the 1st? Journey of Faith, or New World? I love the quality of those videos! Theyre made by the Maxwell Inst i think. Or are you talking about other DVDs than those? as much as i LOVE those DVDs, i feel they were just a little too slow for most people. I myself loved it, but no matter how many family friends i show it to they get sleepy. We need a dynamic fact/theory based DVD which confidently shows off our best arguments one after another.
We have other short videos which deal with some of the names in The Book of Mormon that are found in Mesoamerica. We are currently working on another DVD which will deal with some of these little known evidences that strengthen the case for The Book of Mormon. It will have some GREAT material.
Why doesnt anyone in this video bring up names of cities we've found such a Lamanai? I just read Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon where hundreds of significant points are made concerning the reality of the BOM. Even the idea of 'ha' meaning water showing up in "onihah" that city which was buried with WATER in the BOM. the name tehuantepec, the name Mor-oni in chorti maya etc etc. this video is like handing the football off to anti mormons. hardly any good arguments were put forth! why?
Mvagusta, sad to think you have no life. Comment after comment? Seems like your trying to convince yourself. Mmmmmmm by the way, your mom just yelled for you to clean your room.
Definately not a place like Malay Peninsula
Just to remind everyone here, In Europe, both North and South America are referred to as one continent, in their geography presentations. There are still broad meanings in the terminology.
@Sephuskal that this is the case. But, there are a few LDS people who are promoting the idea who have no schooling or experience in genetics. It sounds nice, but just can't be used as evidence for The Book of Mormon. We need to be accurate in our studies if we want to be taken seriously, and there are plenty of accurate evidences for The Book of Mormon that we don't need to rely on pseudo-scholarship. I'm not trying to sound harsh, but the man who promotes this has ulterior motives.
@Sephuskal Yes. I think the similarities are very interesting, and need to be studied further. There is also something called the Tlatilco seal which share several similarities as well. I don't have strong opinion about the Bat Creek stone because it is so controversial, but hopefully we'll be able to determine whether it is genuine or not in the future. The X2a haplotype, on the other hand, is not evidence for The Book of Mormon. Several LDS geneticists have written on this, and have concluded
@Sephuskal Yes. There are several statements from Joseph Smith and other leaders at that time, while speaking about Mesoamerica, use the term "this continent", "this land" and "this country". Their view of these terms are much broader than how we use them today.
Youth from the north council took the field first with the theme "Remember and Return." They dressed in flowing white robes to represent their premortal existence. Soon, some youth unfolded a tarp at one end of the field painted to look like Earth. As the youth walked toward "Earth," they shed their robes to reveal bright T-shirts, white capris or shorts and smiling faces before singing and dancing of the joy that comes from knowing that they are children of God.
This is also the likely reason why other volumes bound in similar manner have not been found in Mesoamerica. They were smelted in Spain in the 1500s. Any tour of Seville includes both a visit to the Torre de Oro, where the Mayan gold was secured until the artisans could construct the high altar at the Cathedral, and a visit to that cathedral. The altar, though reverent and beautiful is of infinately less value than the abridged writings of the Nephite prophets.
Good point Scubawrestler.
There was also a practical reason for the plates being buried in upstate New York. God knew that only 1100 years later, the Spanish conquistadores would overrun Mesoamerica, and would capture and carry off all of the Mayan gold, taking it back to Seville where it would be melted down and resculpted into the high altar in the cathedral there (historic fact). Had the plates not been removed someplace distant, they could have been lost forever. It was a matter of protection.
Because the Lamanites were south of the Nephites and they were conquering them. Moroni only had one direction to go to keep from being destroyed, and that was North. He wandered for many decades and ended up where the plates were buried. Hope that helps.

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