pt 5 Horses, (full-length) rebuttal of an anti-Mormon

pt 5 Horses, (full-length) rebuttal of an anti-Mormon

PROVO, Utah -- From receiving a new suit to opportunities to serve in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, friends and mentors have played an important role in the life of Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Presidency of the Seventy, he said during a Church Educational System fireside Sunday evening.
@rd1999 I think the point is that we have NOT exhausted ALL possibilities of what that scripture reference could mean and should mean. Until then, to say there were NEVER horses in mesoamerica seems ignorant at best.
Reading chart: I stumbled on this printable "Book of Mormon Reading Chart," which is very handy for any family or individual embarking on a chapter-by-chapter reading program of the Book of Mormon. And it serves two purposes: "1. It is a visual reminder to do our daily reading and show where we are and 2. It's also a missionary tool... lots who come in ask about it and it's a good opportunity for us (to) introduce the Book of Mormon to people."
@dsmithco "Uh, Columbus never came to America" really, I have seen signs in America (North America) saying Columbus landed here.
"Luca Bos" = Roman Cows Hippo = River Horse Very interesting.
I like to investigate the BOM but it's not more important than the saving ordinances and going to heaven and all that stuff. I think we ought to knock that off cause we might not make it to heaven and it will be the BOM's fault. Jesus would be pretty mad at us if he did all this, the creation the atonement and the preperation of the scriptres, and then we let the scriptures damn us all to hell.
mormons and anti-mormons need to knock it off. Really this Bible and Book of Mormon are not important. They mean nothing. Mormons keep trying to find evidence that the BOM is true with peranoia and we act like everything we believe in depends on this horse and wheat and metal and geography freaking recieve the ordinances of salvation by the priesthood and then you freaking go to heaven and live with Jesus.Stop freaking acting like the Scriptures are more important than believing in God

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