Prophet Brian Carn - Spontaneous Worship | World Harvest Church

Prophet Brian Carn - Spontaneous Worship | World Harvest Church

I felt a cool wind & God anointed came over me while the saints worship God & I felt his presence
Give thanks to Abba! You are so worthy Lord, none compares to you. I adore you and worship your Holy name. I join the angels singing Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty, who was, and is, and is to come!
Not trying to cause a stir.. but one thing that I have got say that God is indeed doing something... Now upon the things that I say here.. remember that Jesus is still Lord and that he died for Everyone's sin...
I am a black man and the things that I have found out makes me believe God even more. What are those things.. you might ask..
1. The African Slaves that were on the Transatlantic Slave Trade had Ancient Hebrew names like Adamah, Mosheh, Todah, Ayah, Yakoba, Onata, Yahyah, Yeyo and so on.. Just check out some of the shipping manifests of the ships that were used to transport the slaves....
2. Most of the slaves that were taken were taken from places like Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo.. to this day you have and still practice their beliefs(not Judaism).. and Call themselves Hebrew...
3. Most African American are of Hebrew descent and they don't even know it... 9 times out of 10 if you have Nigerian, Congo/Cameroon, Ghana, Mali... after you have gotten your DNA results.... Then you are Hebrew...

I think that it is really awesome at how God has hidden his people in plain sight.... I can even show you prophecy and even historical documents from people like Tacitus, Josephus and more... Josephus' description of Jesus is mind blowing... and as you already see... God is moving through Brian Carn whom I really think that he might be of Ghanian descent....

Contrary to what the Hebrew Israelites are teaching.... Jesus died for all... The Hebrew Israelites are using the Gospel as a tool of hate.... so be warned...
I thank God for my Pastor Prophet Carn, truly an anointed man of God🙏🏽
Can anybody tell me the name of the worship song???
Beautiful Worship ..Indeed
I've been listening to this everyday over and over and over and this just keeps on blessing. God you're so awesome and no one 🙅🏾🙅🏾 can't tell me that you're not real! Jesus I love you 😭😭
PROPHET huh? ….If you study the life of the Biblical PROPHET they were often solitary people. (Elijah and Jeremiah) They didn’t have a lot of friends, this is on purpose! God needs those in the prophetic office to be focused on HIM!  i.e. No time for YouTube videos !!
The PROPHET must maintain a level of personal holiness that is exemplary. The primary purpose of the PROPHET is to warn the church of apostasy and help saints press into the holiness and purpose of God. (Elijah and Ezekiel)
True righteousness flows only from the throne of God. Therefore, the insight of the PROPHET is a very mysterious, deep conviction that is not easily described even by those who walk in this gifting.
The PROPHET must have an extraordinary prayer life. The purpose is for guidance and revelation, so that the church can learn what it means to be the Holy People of God.
Thank you the part when praise says lets go deeper. Yes Lord!!!!
This video is a wonderful worship clip especially for those who have problems
The first time I decide to left the catholic and when to a praise and worship church,that's the first time I feel the grace of God..:-)🙌🙏💪💗👍
pray changes things.
The Glory of God is N my home...
what is the name of the very last song he sung ?
This guy makes me jealous of the depth of his relationship with God.  I want to love Him like that too.  You can't worship like that unless you have a true relationship with Jesus (ie. spending quality time with Jesus in prayer and studying the word).  Yes, prophet Carn might have made some mistakes in his life.  But there's no denying that he has depth (ie. a real relationship with Jesus Christ) and I must admit that because of watching his various worship videos, it has propelled/driven me (as a worship leader) to seek the Lord too and spend time with our Creator and Master Jesus Christ. I WANT TO KNOW HIM LIKE THAT; I WANT TO LOVE HIM LIKE THAT. Praise God, hallelujah! I love you Jesus!!
Yes, false prophet, Brian Carn, has a talent for preaching but he is indeed a deceiver! Con artist, Carn knows what he is doing! You know them by their fruits! Not by their talents or gifts. Pray for Brian Carn, deliverance from demons of deception and greed for power. God has WARNED this man SEVERAL TIMES but he refuses to listen and humble himself before the Lord GOD. God's blessings to all. God is GREAT! <3

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