Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Primitive technology : farming on the pond to work in agriculture | fish feed | fish pond

Primitive technology : farming on the pond to work in agriculture | fish feed | fish pond

You need to section off a small part of the pond that will allow only the smaller fish entrance to hide or the larger fish will end up eating them all.
Don't make any more dead water ponds.
man why do you always fake your vids. The lobsters from before and now the gold fish? What the hell man. Just make the farm with the actual fish like the perch and catfish. Those are store bought goldfish. In the wild they would never be that bright. Pet store selective breed the fish to be bright red
I like the way he make the fishpond
Does that water in the pond ever become tainted, standing in one place, never stirred like that?
red goldfish etc... SCRIPT! SCRIPT AND ONLY SCRIPT! See how your views have shrunk...
eso no sirve el aguan necesita tener oxigeno y las plantas acuaticas no hacen eso y los peces se mueren
You videos are some of the best "primitive" ones around. All you did here was perfect. Well thought out - well done, your life in the wild becomes better and better :).
Keep going friend.
This guy cuts scenes hard. I do not believe he’s legit using all primitive methods. Shows up with a bundle of bamboo that’s cleanly farmed. 🙄
What type of bean did you plant
Where is other one what that?
Personally I would had made the pond the longer (20ft+) and more shallow (1-2FT). It's common mistake that people assume the water must have depth when in fact the length is more important. A longer pond will yield bigger fish and the females are more likely to release their eggs, longer ponds make happier fish. Also, by having it more shallow the water would be more oxygenated because the fish are disturbing the surface of the water.
Haha did you trip in the water and cut it out out
I don't see the next video to follow up? But it looks like its going to be beautiful.
You have a good channel!
Can the fishes leave when there is no oxygen?🤔🤔🤔this is a build pond...not natural right....the fishes will die😢😢😢😢
Dont feed cat fish together.. it will eat all your fish!
And put some water grass.. for oxygen..
are those Koi fish?
הולך יחף. איך הוא לא חושש מנחשים ועקרבים?
Algum breasileiro assiste

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