Price Controls, Subsidies, and the Risks of Good Intentions: Crash Course Economics #20

Price Controls, Subsidies, and the Risks of Good Intentions: Crash Course Economics #20

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The joke about exes in the beginning was hilarious XD
This basically copied the other video if you search up "price controls economics"
3:45 Rent Control WRONG!

Rent control fights real estate fraud where the same apartment units get sold over and over and over and over again, which cause tenants rents to rise (due to negative equity), but ZERO improvements in the property or value added. Plus "discouraged construction" has nothing to do with rent control because this is about existing units being sold as abused assets.

Farmers Subsidies WRONG!

Conveniently leaving out a BRUTAL yet MANDATORY economic term here called EXTERNALITIES. Unchecked external disruptions to the market = market failure. This is why there is subsidies to begin with!
"The amount of gas society wants is where supply meets demand". 2:57 Not so. I have often wanted MORE (demand) than what was available (supply). What's described is supply being equal to USE. And subsidies have ZERO effect on the economy. Why? Because it's nothing more than the bill being paid by someone else.
So, it's good that the government bailed out AIG and companies like Enron
Bernie bros are going to be pissed by this video.
Just curious, what about a salary cap?
I farm 3,000 acres of crops and raise 4,000 head of cattle and I hate farm subsidies. I have neighbors that get hundreds of thousands every year from the government. Nothing wrong with crop insurance but it also should not be subsidized so that you are not inflating land prices
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There is a notable exception minimum wage.

I disagree. Minimum wage forces businesses- that would naturally pay little due to the low skill nature of the job - to hire over skilled people for no other reason than "muh morality". And if the US enacts a $15 minimum wage. The majority of workers will be fired, hours will be cut and prices will rise. It also has the potential to cut teens out of the low skill work place almost entirely and further incentivize these businesses to further automat their business as much as possible to cut cost even further. Businesses survive on profit not morality points.
thanks guys
crash course has been helping me through my exams since the 1st semester. now im in 5th. thank youuuuu crash course!
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Craig Benzine was mentioned in this episode(;P). 00:43
Funny, maybe. Smart, i guess. BUT ATRACTTIVE? Adrian was lying when she said she could see us.
How about a floor BELOW the equilibrium price or a ceiling ABOVE the equilibrium price? What would happen then (theoretically)?

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