Price Ceilings and Floors- Economics 2.6

Price Ceilings and Floors- Economics 2.6

Big Government pushes up business costs , growing it bigger
You are great
finally understand the floor and the ceiling, Thanks a lot!
So sellers reduce production, how about closing any loopholes, and banning any production reductions.. and if a seller don’t like it then get out of the business..
Thank you, Mark Cuban
why tf did my economics teacher say the opposite about the floor and ceiling stuff..
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You are talking too fast. Slow down. Also show more math. You did not show why there is resulting inflation when there is a price ceiling.
"Hey! COOL AC/DC BELT!" My classmate noticed it right away and the video is helping us prepare for our assignment and test.
Yea i get it but why don't producers want to produce very much? Is it because there won't be enough money/make enough money to peak their interest? Or is it because they will lose money trying to sell it that cheap?
you are the greatest to ever live
I'm just watching your videos in preparation towards my upcoming IGCSE in May/June. They are very straightforward and it's like I'm refreshing my memory!
Wow, why is this not "liked" by more people? This is a great instructional intro video on economics. Excellent!
Thank you so much MR.JACOB. i wish you become my econ teacher
Kudos from a public school teacher using your graphs frequently. Great work.
the intro was so loud
How does price ceiling affect resource allocation in a market?
This sounds more like capitalist propaganda than sound economics.
If corporations are charging dozens or hundreds of times more than they have to for x goods or services, than a reasonable price ceiling on x goods or services won't reduce the amount of x goods and services they can provide us with.
But if gas and other commodities were cheaper, we wouldn't need as much gas, because we wouldn't have to go to and from work as much.

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