Price Ceilings and Floors- Economics 2.6

Price Ceilings and Floors- Economics 2.6

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Amazing video!!!
Amazing video! Explained way better than my textbook! You saved me! Thank you so much.
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Your videos are so helping sir
Basically, it's bad to have a floor where a ceiling should be and a ceiling where a floor should be.
the best part is that you talked about the confusion and then cleared it again... hats off to you sir :-)
Your an absolute legend. You should do IB specific content. Loving your Work!!!!
You are an amazing teacher!! Explains everything without confusion
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but for example, if the regular price is 10$ with a demand of 50, that's 500. like what you said, if prices go up to 30$, quantity demanded lowers to 30 and farmers still get more than the 500$. they now get 900$.
This seems to be true about lots of things. But healthcare doesn't follow this law. Neither do wages. Or many services. Which he hints at when he says "of course there are exceptions to this". Gas prices are set by OPEC anyway and the countries involved are among the richest in the world, so even that example seems to just be proof that America cannot do price setting. But America has had ceilings and floors without drastic economic consequences. Price ceilings and floors can be done, they just cannot be done without pissing of corporate America -who were fine with price ceilings and floors when they were the ones colluding to set them. I like how this video explains things but I just do not buy the explanation when there are so many examples that ignores this.
I need this guy as my teacher, because the current guy is so boring.
u should've talked about black marketing and rationing too
best teacher ever......thanks a lot Sir......
I wish you were my teacher....I love how you explain things .
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