Preventing Livestock Water Containers From Freezing

Preventing Livestock Water Containers From Freezing

just out some anti freeze in the water no big deal
won't work if you really live where it gets below freezing. I promise you that it will freeze just as fast as the one with no insulation or salt water bottle or whatever else you dream up.
I agree, great idea, I have large truck tires (48 in. tall) that I will put in the pen for bulk solar heating. I have spare tires laying around for the waters. Just had to buy the black stock feeders and a few balls.
awesome idea. I am going to try it for my outside dog. :)
I'm going to do the tire trick tomorrow for my chickens
I'm going to try this. You think a handful of ping pong balls would work better than that big ball?
That is brilliant. We got temps here in NC that went down to 7 degrees and our chicken water kept freezing. I put a waterer in the mobile coop and buried it in the bedding and it stayed thawed, so I was thinking of building some box with insulation in it. The tire is a much better idea. Thanks for sharing!

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