PREPARE FOR MIFUNE OMNI! Where to farm for Mifune Now?

PREPARE FOR MIFUNE OMNI! Where to farm for Mifune Now?

Got it in my first time xd
Im the unluckiest person ive been doing it for 1 month and got 0
I caught 2 mifunes in St.Lamia at Cave of Malice The Last match to get to St.Lamia's palace i caught 2 mifunes there and I'm still planning a full team of Mifunes
I have hundreds of mifune
making a zekuu and mefune team. did the demon swords flash quest between 15-20 times and not 1 mefune :(
I did the farming and boom got him thanks for that tip.
Lol 1 got my first on my 2nd run
geez Mifune is such a glasscannon that sometimes I use a friend's Mifune on 4 or 5 star raids lol.
dude check the whole list next time
Been farming for 2 days now and not even 1 was captured.....
i cant becoming omni
Why can't I get his omni evolution rn
Cordelica - Labyrinth of Trees the best place to farm Mifune, low energy, auto mode on, more creeps to fuse for SP
what i see in the difference of Players in this Video

[Item Full]
FrPla : looks like its another Storage clean up
P.Pla : I'll just expand...
thank you milko
Cordelica - Labirint of trees,  low Energy cost, good rate.
You seem like you live with Ushi... yeeah idk
I've been doing Demon's Sword Flash for 10 days and he has never dropped
What spheres and sp skills did you have on atro?
Hey Milko, do you think the rest of Mifune's batch will be having omni evo too? feels weird for only mifune in his batch to have omni...

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