Poultry Farming Advancements - America's Heartland

Poultry Farming Advancements - America's Heartland

If anyone is looking for a poultry farm in Texas go take a look at this one!
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I know that this was posted a while ago, but there is something called biosecurity. With America's demand of eggs/chicken products, you have to deal with having an extremely high amount of birds. Keeping chickens outside would increase the risk of depredation. Keeping all of the chickens in a very large space, it would be very hard to ensure that all of the chickens are disease free and safe. The poultry industry is far from perfect, but it is truly difficult to find a flawless method.
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Question guys help how is this related to bureaucracy?
So what do you guys do with the birds that aren't good breeders/broilers?
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grow chickens many https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ7rrHYmFiQ
Why are the poultry birds in US bigger than the ones in India ?
What a nasty, evil business.

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