Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Porco Rosso - Official Trailer

Porco Rosso - Official Trailer

So, from what I’ve seen form this trailer is, this takes place in Fascist Italy in the 20s or early 30s, and there is a WWI pilot who became a pig.
I watched it twice today XD
I love this pig :p
Porco/Marco + Gina = the ship I'm sure that sailed.
Loved this since i was 16 going on 17 back in 99 when i saw it on a fansub tape
This shows up when I look for the flying madman in skyrim
I haven't watched the movie, just reviews and trailers... but this is the trailer that makes me want to watch it 100%... I like how old trailers used to be so mysterious...
most films directed by 宫崎骏 are for kids. but this one is for adults and it's so romantic. it showed the other side of the director and it is the only one
Ma che merda é?
Year of the pig
This movie is supposed to be a classic that would be right in my wheelhouse. How have I not seen it?
a wish they create a nother film of marco porco rosso 2
You know it's funny,
That how this movie has better animation than some animes nowadays
Pourquoi une chanson française et non italienne ? En tous cas belle bande annonce

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