Porco Rosso - Official Trailer

Porco Rosso - Official Trailer

Year of the pig
This movie is supposed to be a classic that would be right in my wheelhouse. How have I not seen it?
a wish they create a nother film of marco porco rosso 2
You know it's funny,
That how this movie has better animation than some animes nowadays
Pourquoi une chanson française et non italienne ? En tous cas belle bande annonce
Immagino che "Maiale Rosso" sarebbe stato più difficile da marketizzare 🤷‍♀️
Duce !
Great stuff! I bet a live action version would be a bummer!
Such a good movie man
recuerdo haberla visto en el cable cuando era niña y me quede pegada viendo la peli sorprendida , me llamo mucho la atencion, muy diferente muy original
flite test sent me here
Saw this in the movies this month
I saw this film last Sunday, another Miyazaki masterpiece and I can understand why this was the considered the best film for Japan in 1992.

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