Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Please Don't Eat Pork: Pigs are Smarter Than Your Cat or Your Dog

Please Don't Eat Pork: Pigs are Smarter Than Your Cat or Your Dog

So happy to have turned vegan this year. I've been awoken.
Yeah that’s really sad and horrible. That’s why 98% of the time I only eat the hella expensive humane meat I cook at home
Why can't there be laws that make this illegal???
Lies! Pigs never will be smarter than dogs!
This is dam right Absurd pigs are food and have been For thousands of years. Ill eat all the pork I like regardless of a creatures intelligence. whales are more intelligent then pigs are you saying the eskemos cannot eat them two even know its there only source of food not only that wild pigs in rainforests are a vital part of human survival. I would ask you to stop been so negative and sinical and if you love pigs don't eat them doesn't mean you have to convince others to stop eating pork based on intelligence. Pigs are dirty and roll in mud and provide missives amounts off food. cats and dogs wouldn't even feed you for a week so I belive youre stupid video is for vegans and idiots
I'm allergic to pigs and broke out in hives after petting one. Don't know how I can eat pork, but I prefer no pig as food unless it's ham, which I now feel bad about. I felt bad about the cows and chickens. Why we gotta kill? Why we have to hurt stuff. Why does bacon taste so good?
Pigs must be treated like Hyman, its been experenced that's pigs meat is same Hymans meat
Animal rights activists yell that 'Pigs are as intelligent as a three year old child!'

Not very intelligent, then. And still very tasty.
Nah. I eat meat as long as it isn't bushmeat. I'm not the person to care if it's cute.
This is what happens when you kill the small farmer. Turning the farm into a factory. Small farmers cared about their animals and they had SPACE.My grandpa raised hogs and he would have shot someone over treating those animals like that! But now you cant make a living and survive on a small farm because everyone wanted big government and regulations that made it impossible. So this is what you get...a bunch of lobbyist and corporations who treat animals like shit, break the law, and fund the politicians who killed the small farm. The inspectors will come shut down a small farm operation for any little reason.....but these guys have the size and money to pay them off. People will never stop eating Pork, they just wont. The question is do you want the small farmer to come back who has large spaces for small amount of animals and treats them with dignity and respect.....or a corporate factory who tortures them and pays off the law??? The small farmer who loves his land, his animals, his family, and his job is where animals need to be raised for food! At least they enjoy their lives! Get the red tape and all the stupid ass laws and lawyers off the small farmer so he can make a comeback if you want to help these animals.
I love animals, and I love meat. It's not contradictory, when I have a bond/meet an animal, that does not cover every single animal of that species. I'll make friends with animals, but at the end of the day, I'll still eat meat.

Edit: But the conditions they're put through, are COMEPLETLEY inhumane. No animal should be locked in a cage for their entire life.
I don't eat pork. It's prohibited in our religion. I eat beef but really rarely. I eat chicken though.
There's one little piggy I would like to eat.
I'm wondering if piglets would make a better pork pie than a mummy pig.
I eat meat and I love animals. Doesn’t make a difference whether or not I eat meat. I 100% don’t support the way they are treated in some of these places but I’ll eat what is made already. I have 2 pigs but eat bacon. Doesn’t mean I love my pigs any less than my dogs. If it were the end of the world and I needed food I would still not eat my own animals because they are my family. That’s a stupid statement
Hate vegans with a burning passion but have stopped eating pork.
Chicken and fish are still on the menu though.
I love em
Used to raise pig. They were very smart and learned quickly how to short out the electric fences...but they were good at plowing up the fallow garden and we did eat them. Never name anything you intend to eat.
I would eat a dog
Dogs are more useful and can be just as intelligent. Pigs have no use except food

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