Planting Trees - Pushing Back the Desert

Planting Trees - Pushing Back the Desert

Israel will still b considered killer of the innocent Palestinians and eye of devil
And they. Vote. In the in. Against. Israeli.
All those who dislike must not like air, or realize trees clean the atmosphere and maybe are even racist and dehumize other humans.
Crazy too cause all races have crazy people that kill others. Convenient to ignore that tho. Convenient to just think everyone of a paticular race is bad and the same. Convenient for most people to not have to deal with tradgedy and dodgeing bullets to get to the store always trying to not get killed by the same people that do terrorist attacks. Convenient doesnt mean truth tho.
Seen stories of children dodhe bullets from belt fed machine guns just to go to the store for the little food they can afford cause the crazy people go unchecked cause people like americans and others ignore the truth and treat whole races the same. All while preaching racism is bad and politally correct bullshit while we and our allied countrys all have had terrible things done by our own citizens and even our goverment in the past and probably still in the present. Does anyone really think a government that didnt charge military personnel with deaths they cause when realeasing harmful things over California just to test them will stop or ask usif they can test things on us. Theu literally injected radioactive solutions into a five year old. And guess what theyer children learn from them and may be our officals some day or already are.
The truth is most people arnt out to get america or anyone else. Only the few compared to the many and the few are out to get everyone they can.
Works against progress to alienate the good people out there. Our worry shouldnt be a divided country but a divided world where nations keep to themselves and only worry about themselves while treating ever other nation like the mosters they themselves become when they deny the truth and dehumanize other human beings.
This land does NOT belong to you.
It is for Palestinians ONLY. You are just like the tumour in the body which inevitably must be eliminated. THE DAY IS COMING SOONER OR LATER.
Eat feces. This is Palestine. The curse of Israel
The people in charge of this should consult with Allan Savory. He has a much more efficient method to do this.
they are plannting trees but killing human.
it is Palestine
There is no Israel land . They are land robber
I recommend that anybody support this movement of planting trees if you truly want to make a difference it won't be through big government international laws restricting things or activities it will be by the simple act of planting a tree. The immense pleasure of participating in such programs cannot be put in words could you imagine what a difference in the quality of air and true climate control by again the simple act of planting a tree.
Fucking jews they can make a paradise out of shit!
great Israelis are working hard for their hard acquired land
This is stolen land. It belongs to the Palestinians.
Jews r clever and hard working people, respect always
Actually ... Israel's attempts to remake the desert in Europe's image, is the cause of serious destruction. Planting invasive trees that dry up the table and cause massive forest fires. Previously arable land destroyed by pushing Palestinians off their land. Water redirected from Arab populations to plant forests to prevent free movement of indigenous Bedouin. Off course we don't like it. This entire project is a racist violent lie used to "greenwash" a very evil project. But if you're a colonist or a descendant of one who praises this cynical work, we hope to repay your success in kind. You'd love it I'm sure.
I'm guessing that those are probably NOT Christmas trees. Ha!
Acorda Brasil.
I love this so much. This is amazing and I hope I can help some day

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