Planting Trees - Pushing Back the Desert

Planting Trees - Pushing Back the Desert

Mars next :)
Erosion issues are horrible! C'mon Israel!
Im from somalia. We have gone through a desertification process that needs to be reversed. I hope one day we will use this techniques to overcome desertification. Because of the situation in my country its impossible now. So keep researching.Thank you.
Israel is the world most modern country
Awesome work keep it up
My suggestion to all property owners around the world is to dig swales and hill terracing in harvesting rain water and stores them underground,when we drives around country sides and villages,those who harvested water have luscious greenery around their property,if China and Israel can green their deserts,so can everyone,it’s all about being preparing and controlling our landscapes,not blaming.
"Israel's attempts to remake the desert in Europe's image, is the cause of serious destruction. Planting invasive trees that dry up the table and cause massive forest fires. Previously arable land destroyed by pushing Palestinians off their land. Water redirected from Arab populations to plant forests to prevent free movement of indigenous Bedouin. Off course we don't like it. This entire project is a racist violent lie used to "greenwash" a very evil project. But if you're a colonist or a descendant of one who praises this cynical work, we hope to repay your success in kind. You'd love it I'm sure."
these plants are called "qarqud".
they are planting "shajratul yahooud"......plant as much as you like but these are not going to protect you from torment of jesus when he returns.
Good very good also the chinese are doing the samething and Zimbabwe everybody shoul plant a tree 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳🌳also in Egypt and in the southern part of the saharan desert
I m interested that ..plz help this project in OK India
The first project should be the erection of water impounding structure, a dam, to hold in rain water run off. If there is no enough rain in the region and water desalination is feasible, that should be done ahead of the actual tree planting activity.
This must be south palastine ,
The soil depleted, only hardy trees have a chance at survival.
They have to replenish the ground with minerals and nutrition other varieties of trees and plants need.
It will take a hundred years before a self-sustaining ecology emerge. Provided the land is not exploited to the point of exhaustion again.
Good job keep it up
Fruit trees and feed the world
Nice initiative
Planting trees on illegal lands,keep planting,the land and plants will be owned by its inhabitants once again and then they will share them with the occupants too.
I planted cassava in a barren land and after a year it,the land became fertile.
I am Montagnard indigenous I love trees, I love to plants them.

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