Pink Floyd - Sheep (lyrics)

Pink Floyd - Sheep (lyrics)

I consider Animals to be Pink Floyd's last truly great album of their career, for some reason I've never thought The Wall" was that great of an album although it did have some great songs like "Comfortably Numb", "Hey You" and "Mother".
BRIAN: You're all individuals!
FOLLOWERS (in unison): Yes, we're all individuals!
I actually think some Keith Moon style chaos would make this better. The rhythm is too tight! The reverb or echo or whatever pedal they are using on the guitar is smooth as silk though.. dreamy
I came for this intro

With headphones
On the blades of grass the lunatic is allowed in Granchester Meadows and us chirping and ha ppy birds are free and though at times Obscured by More clouds then there at Zambriski Point where those that are grateful are dead, were two gigantic heads keep guard and statue like stare at each other for eternity. Yes we get clear nights too here too despite the factory and smoke stacks that blow our way , really the only Signs of Life that reach over these bricks that continually stack themselves... like today as we near dusk, we can tell heaven from hell and blue skies from pain and we sing.. we can see a Pig on the wing and even a dog, so we think we can tell a green field from a cold steel rail yes, we are at peace and of no danger of the Magistrate covered in a veil. I give thanks to Mother and her smile, the high wall, (her idea) to keep out the dogs of war out with her atom heart, she will let nothing dirty get through.
Pink Floyd, light like a prism shines from rainbow multi colors to a single ray, hit on the path a perfect silhouette of Syd Barrett ... a long shadow that seems to forever extend and with my bird's eye will cast until this stories end. Unmistakable how the rays here seems to play! I am pleased too, to say, we have traded our heroes for ghosts, and the one cow we allow to graze here will be leaving shortly to slowly follow the lunatic, (we laugh when he says it's in his head). Our cow will be led for one has chose the place and one has has chose the time...tonight! We see this cow this cow stare quite inquisitively and climbs fearlessly just as the idiot turns and faces the crowd of foot ball roars. The fool who wears the crown looks Up, Up then Down, Down, and doesn't know which is which or who is who is who-.he chose the time, he has his little black book with his poems in, he brought a tooth brush and a comb.
Why? He is at Childhoods End and needs a dirty woman before Alan"s Psychedelic Breakfast but..... he has no money.that lunatic on the grass! (Money! It's a gas!)
With no thought control, all in all, like another brick in the wall us Animals, comfortably numb believe he's going to go far: so have a cigar! If you so choose the Final Cut CIgar!
Time, time to go, there goes the toiling bell, and listen-a softly spoken magic spell, and it is the night and look- the dark side of the moon! So sadly quiet...
All that can be heard now is an echo from the distant foot fall of the tongue tied twisted, earth bound misfit and a kingfisher splashing through the water Time. No one told him when to run, he missed the starting gun.! Ten years and ten more years will have got behind him until he, (by the way, which one is Pink? He is) Soon after Piper has no Pulse. Long after he chose a walk on part in the war and the lead role in the cage. Many ages hence or in the morn, or a bye gone afternoon, (one of theses days) in the lazy meadow, where you lay down, you will wake at the Gates of Dawn!! One such as you will be knocking, the gate will be opened for you, (one of these days) and such light will you see then. You like and unlike the sacred cow will look studiously on, but not frozen as in a photo, all around in beauty you shall see and in an instant become one of many treasured diamonds flickering in glory like a star, unique in its crazy radiant brilliance and why? Because you asked and sought, and knocked on an on like the piper at the Gates of Dawn...Within a Triangle, Three sides of light, One Shape forever will you shine whispering, "wish you were her" with a sigh. Dark as coal to the human eye, but as crazy as a diamond in the sky. Is anybody out there? Oh well, in life there is always the division bell.
A Soviet song off a Soviet album written by a bunch of
Quem dá dislike numa música dessa deve ser br bolsominion. Haha
L'intro più rilassante ed affascinante che abbia sentito, ALBUM STREPITOSO!!!!
There needs to be a drum cover worthy of Nick Mason's genius. Im off to buy a butterfly sweater, a bandana, and half decent camera. Stay posted.
You are absolutely right! Rick Wrights playing is what made Pink Floyd Pink Floyd. Fuck Rodger W.
Пинк Флойд - это Космос.
The shuffle by mason on this one is great.
Real fly zoom speed of sound.
811 dont know anything about music!!!!!!
one of the best intros ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Democratic party in The US have become propaganda Sheep
From the days when rock music was at its peak. At the top of the peak was Pink Floyd.
this is one of the songs that got me into pink floyd. definitely one of my favorites
Bass intro is Sinister and Perfect
Was this album too political?Seems there is no other reason it never gets air time....other than all the songs are long and past the 5 minute FM time share between commercials. Love this album.

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