Pink Floyd - Sheep (lyrics)

Pink Floyd - Sheep (lyrics)

This album is waaay under rated.
Sad, depressed and as a remedy I was listening to all the greatest rock music but was still in unease. Finally could settle my soul in peace here. Thanks for wake me up to reality
I don't agree politically with a lot of entertainment, but these kind of musicians are worth everything they give you !!!!!!even though they lean LEFT 🤔😏😏 superb from top to bottom 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾
Plzz suck my dick y'all!!!
Reminds me of the bustop there was a farm of sheep and cows across the dirt rd
Background music while reading Animal Farm.
One of the most amazing songs of the all.
that freaking saw synth at 4:20 coincidentally. dope!
I agree good but not great shine on you crazy diamond PT 1 is 8 plus minutes that's a fucking intro
Pigs can fly
I never hear people mentioning this song as being one of the best hard rock songs ever made, it is wildly underrated.
no one knows where the sheep go.
куда бегут бараны - никто не знает.
What animal are those of us that arent pig sheep or dogs?
I love my neighbor like I love myself.... that's why I play this song loud!!!!
This is the deepest most political album Floyd has made . And it's deeply honest about the government that robs us blind and those who bow down to them . Either by blindly following ,intimidation, or ignorance. "This is what you get for pretending the danger isn't real"
Pink Floyd 2019
A few times, my mom played a compilation with this song after I went to bed. And I thought that what you hear from 5:39 to 7:10 was some kind of strange vivid dream, and it freaked me out. Eventually I somehow figured out that it was part of the song, and that I wasn't dreaming. (The strange thing was, before she played it at night, I heard he song but I didn't notice it.)

Also is that a synth or guitar, and is it the same instrument you hear from 4:34 to 5:37?

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