Pink Floyd - Sheep (lyrics)

Pink Floyd - Sheep (lyrics)

I remember when I was little my dad always watched a TV program about football that had this song playing as theme, they used the part where the bass is really hammering. Good times.
We have alot of sheep in the United States. The trumpsters...
Help! I need to get away from my computer and accomplish something today but YouTube is giving me a PF playlist and I can't pull myself away. Fuck it! I'll stay with Floyd.
If you dislike this song,you are mentally insane.
Thanks for posting this,these guys knew back then what was going to be today, wild man , wild
4m views..19k likes. lol Relevant 2018
Not there best lyrics
Exams are next week, I have to study for a science test tomorrow, I have a pen English project due on Wednesday... and I am here listening to Pink Floyd.
One of those albums you put on.. and just let everything be.
get out of the road!
well you have
I cried when I saw Roger Waters and did this song. It was great!
Who needs weeds after that .... ???? Absolutely no one!!
Have you heard the news the dog is dead
"The valley of steel" Really interesting play on religion by Pink Floyd in this song.
Enjambre "Argentum"
Just incredible this album. Overlooked, but for those who discover it, a real find. I bought the vinyl first day out, shoveling snow for the money.
that ending riff
In this song Rick Wright is the man....RIP...
That fucking ending tho

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