Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones) final solo cover

Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones) final solo cover

finally old man does the job, bunch of tube kids play it awfully weak....
The little Comfortably Numb thing you did in the last was frickin awesome.
on voit qu'il en chie ...
Lesson please
Great cover! Consider the tone nailed. love this solo and the main solo in Dogs. Animals had some of Gilmour's finest guitar work. I use a BYOC triangle mid boost mode, and I just love jamming out to this song. Tons of improv fun!
Excelent sound! what's your pedal chain with the red muck?
Excelente tio muy bueno
Epic. Animals such an underrated album
Really amazing man!
Great Stuff! The album was always heavy with strong songs continuously.
Inspirational playing! It's a shame you don't have a better mic to do this justice. Well done and thanks.
Man you nailed the tone. You use a rams head?

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