Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones) bass cover (Barbara Mazur)

Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones) bass cover (Barbara Mazur)

I want one!
I consider this song the better one in Animals album. And another thing you´re the MAN! great bass cover, and nice bass.
Great cover! Well done!
I thought I was in love didn't do the best part after "house brown,town mouse"
Nice! Do you have the sheetmusic?
Well done one touches that wee floyd song . X
I want to get marry with you...
i don't know why but those p like pickups made me laugh
Chapeau! Again ma’am
:) epic!
Great playing .Wish if u don’t mind me using this in my vlogs ..i will credit ur channel
Awesome! I've tried this bass line a few times by ear but you found tons of notes I missed. I hear them now! Thanks for showing me some stuff I didn't know.
Эх! Ну везет же кому то с девушками, которые не только красивы, но еще и умеют играть на басс гитаре Pink Floyd!!!
awesome :)
I have watched three videos so far and yours was the best I have seen this played so far I was just at the Us and them concert last night Roger Waters fuckin rocks! I was looking for vids to practice this song and learn it I watched three already and I really like the way you played this thanks for not butchering it! your bass sounds great also I will be giving this a huge like and subscribe look forward to more tunes.

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