Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones) 1977-02-01

Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones) 1977-02-01

the animal tour was there playing as a band there peak. seen them july2 1977 @MSG with my man Loose Bruce RIP
One of their best albums, haven’t heard it live before. Thankyou
1977 2018
Brilliant! a track I think from their best album. Gritty stuff!
Roger Waters é um gênio 👏👏
Esta é a música criticando a política americana, sobre tudo o meio ambiente .
Magnifique 40ans et ça n'a pas pris un plie.(y)
Head down in the pig bin.
Saying..keep on digging👍
Roger's voice wasn't good this night, if only we'd stop screeching.
if we could only travel back in time, when music was an experience, as well as a gift. Your channel does that, for me, in some respects. I look forward to the "experience", every day, as to what you might come up with next....once again, thank you*
Thx.u... Fabulous and Fantastic MUSIC my friend
Super album 👌👌
Excellent !
Michel !
Aí sim !!! Estou de volta
Diretamente no Like 👍🏻

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