Pink Floyd - Oakland Alameda Coliseum (1977/05/09) Rare Full Concert

Pink Floyd - Oakland Alameda Coliseum (1977/05/09) Rare Full Concert

This was, without question, the best concert in the history of mankind....
Look, I am some kind of freak. This band made my life enjoyable in the beginning and in the end,. I made the FortWorth Show on May 1st, 77, just before this one. And while the concert was perfect for me. the bootleg of that Night was not as good as this one . The show was perfect, with the exception there was some sort of delay that prevented Perry from getting to the call on time and his only contribution was on the encore, Money and Us and them. I was severely disapointed that ther was no Echoes. I am 61 now and I have searched the internet hi and low for all things Pink. I am a staunch band supporter, so I was devastated over Waters fucking his brothers and his subsequent hissy fit '78 thru 88'ish or something. Look I recognize the man's talent but I do not hold with his truck back then. The cock sucker does not have one less penny that he would have had if he had rode with his brothers and acted like a true band member. Peace, Love and Rock and roll. And Mr White getting staff wages, he was the magic, as much as the others, that fucker could play. Ok sorry to rant that all over again.
I am 61 now and regularly tune in to various boot's to relive my addled life. Thanks to all that took the effort, It wound up being a great ride for guys like me. Animals, DSOTM and WYWH, are my faves. except for my all-time favorite is Echoes in all of it's Delicious forms. I do not get around to the Wall often. While I still admire Waters and especially Gilmoure, Wright and Mason, They should have acted right. the fans were always there all along.
Can´t think of anything to say... Thank you so much for sharing this, man! Love Pink Floyd
Incredible show.
is it just me or do the vocals seem kinda off? idk :\
one of the first live PF tapes I got , also one of the best quality!!
Pigs on the wing part 2 AMAZING
Wish you were here solo sounds great
BTW, the Animals album, according to Dave G., was the one they put together rapidly while trying to get fired form their current record label! It was also the solo from one of the songs(?) that caused the split of the band sans Waters. The Wall was recorded at different times and different places, again according to Dave G.
G., how can get a copy of this for my sister? She saw this same tour and would love to surprise her.
Damn, missed it. i was sixteen, 70's stoner, would give a nut to time-machine back.
where can i find a cd of this????
I was there! A great time.
Ok, so I was there too. There were 3 large inflatables, the usual natural piggy then the lady piggy resting on the couch, bouncing her crossed piggy leg, human style and bouncing the leg up and down, and last, a standing piggy. The last two piggies seemed to be alternately deflating and then reinflating. The only person that has remembered that was on acid. Do you remember???
Wow. I was 6 years old when this concert was played. Damn.
It is my impression or in "have a cigar" they starts to laugh at @1:15:54 and even skips an phase lol
Anyone got any ideas on who the three different ones are?
E S IST EINE S C H A N D E ! ! !
I agree must do agree and say how was magic the show live performance
Amazing concert
I love simply

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