Pink Floyd - Oakland Alameda Coliseum (1977/05/09) Rare Full Concert

Pink Floyd - Oakland Alameda Coliseum (1977/05/09) Rare Full Concert

This was, without question, the best concert in the history of mankind....
Thanks a bunch for sharing. <3
the vocals on shine on are amazing on this, the mix of voices never sounded better to me
51:20 helloooooo great way to drop out of animals. Great first set. What band tells you how long the break is going to be? So English.
oh my.......
Tocaron todo el disco ANIMALS y WYWH. Un CONCIERTAZO! Me hubiera gustado estar ahí
This concert was not only the very peak of the Pink Floyd's existence, but also the peak of all rock n roll.
I truly wish I was there.
pink floyd y sus rarezas siempre con discos desconocidos no publicados .
This is so awesome!
Does someone know here, how can I have the last song on this concert record? ( 2:10 till finisch) Every help is welcome?
The acid's amazing and sheep, dogs, cigars and pigs are flying everywhere out my bathroom window...………………..
I wish I were born not in 1971, but in 1961! Shit! They are AMAZING!
F^&* me, this is it! This is the Pink Floyd Animals tour that I missed in 1977 when they performed in Cincinnati Ohio (where I lived), because I was in San Mateo/Burlingame California chilling with my cousin Dana when they performed this show in Cincy. Dana told me about this Pink Floyd Animals tour concert they had already had there in Oakland a few weeks before I arrived there on vacation. Talk about being a day late, a dollar short, or being at the right places at the wrong time, hehe. So now, I finally get to hear what I was so sad that I missed back in the day, and also hear this Oakland concert that my cuz told me about. In a way, it's salt to my wound, but at least now I know what that wound sounds like. Massive cool of you to post this epic Pink Floyd concert in Oakland on their 1977 Animals tour. Now, thanks to you, I have a living and vibrantly sweet memory that is the final cut on my Pink Floyd puzzle, instead of only just a damn guess as to how f#@$ing good that concert I missed actually was, which was all I had until now. .
Manda o link desse torrent ai
Snowy White!!!!!!
No fireworks! Or Roger will have you shot!
any time i can hear floyd live,im in.
I love the guitar solos in Pigs 3 dif ones
It is so sad to me hearing Roger and David laugh at the beginning of Have A Cigar cause it gives me a false hope things will be alright when in reality they just got worse inside the band, rather than better.

Also, the live version of Pigs (Three Different Ones) in this tour is fantastic!!!

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