Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Pink Floyd - Oakland Alameda Coliseum (1977/05/09) Rare Full Concert

Pink Floyd - Oakland Alameda Coliseum (1977/05/09) Rare Full Concert

This was, without question, the best concert in the history of mankind....
Syd,Roky and Jimi are laughing their angelic/daemonic asses off @ how tame psychedelia became in the 70's
Roy Harper isn’t singing “Have a Cigar” but it’s a great performance
Saw this tour in Cleveland Stadium, summer 77. Did they not have the sheep being fired from mortars above the stadium only to explode and come floating back into the crowd with parachutes? Or the huge 727 that flew (roared) low over the stadium with PINK FLOYD painted under the wings? Oakland says their show was best but.........I don't know. CLEVELAND SHOW WAS INCREDIBLE! Not the least was the quad sound coming from the stacks of Peaveys on the stadium roof. Was 19 at the time and still remember almost everything (lol) all these years later. Saw PF in 73,75,77,78,94. Highlight of my wife's life and mine. Yes,we are still together. SHINE ON...........
I was born and raised in Chicago and, was there for their
June 19th, 1977 show at Soldier Field (where the Chicago Bear's play), for
which I had thought was the "Animals Tour", but was really the
"In The Flesh Tour".  Soldier
Field, where the concert was held when configured for football games, holds
61,500.  Yet, since the field area was
also to be used for this concert to hold the additional crowd, the attendance
was 70,000 plus!

The thing that struck and impressed me the most, was that
they did something I never saw before, or even afterwards:

They had a quadraphonic P.A. set up,
front/back/right/left.  They would pan
sounds around, which sounded awesome in the dark.  About that . . . . .

One huge misstep I think the band, or the venue made was:  Soldier Field is an open-air stadium (no
roof).  That meant, due to the nature of
the shows lighting and other effects (we got to see and touch the giant pig as
it hovered low over the crowd on the field! lol), they would/could not play
until it was totally dark outside.  BUT,
the venue opened at I believe about 12:00 (noon).  It was general admission, so, tons of people
were there to have a chance to get on the field (as I did).  Yet - 1) It was a hot summer day and, no
place to hide from the sun - 2) Once you got your spot, it hit you after a
while that you had like SEVEN HOURS before you would see the show - 3) EVERYONE
was smoking weed. - 4) They did not have ANY warm up band.  5) Logistics of food, water, going to the
bathroom, while waiting SO long.  .   .    
.   It all added up to a
sunburned, hot, stoned and tired crowd - not what you want as a band.

Looking back, the venue should not have opened the doors
until only say, an hour or two before the start of the show. And yes, I SO bad
that the band was not afraid of “boot-leg’s”, so purposefully not having the
shows professionally shot on film!  There
were many unique aspects of that Chicago show that are not in the other, rare
and few film clips I have seen from shows in other cities.

P.S. According to Rich Wright, they purposefully did not
record film/audio because of fear of it being bootlegged, which was especially
big at the time.  Yet, still not logical
and, a shame the great performances of their best album (in my opinion), have
been lost forever. . . . . . Though I lover Rodger Waters, he was very paranoid
of “his” band’s work and, very much in control – so, no recording.  :-(
Have listened to this boot for years and years. Bought on vinyl at school kids north high street Columbus Ohio. Have hundreds of boots and this is #1
Cada concierto tiene algo especial
Eso es lo que me encanta de Pink Floyd
Como Amo Pink Floyd ♥ !
Porque no nací en esa época :c
Maravilloso !!!
man... animals still haunts me till the day i die
Gigantische Show, super Sound thx for Upload 👏
57:12 Huhu, a little mistake, still perfect
Pink Floyd Live In Oakland 1977 3-disc 2CD/DVD Set
thank you
And an amazing Dead tour was happening back east
- Buffalo this day. I was just a few years too young! Great memories for the folks turning 60. Dazed and Confused. We are all getting up there.
That performance of Pigs is absolutely brilliant!
See pink floyd in Rotterdam 1994 brilliant night😑wish I was born 30 years earlier for the early stuff. Top band . PINK FLOYD.
Thanks a billion !

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