Pink Floyd Live8 2005

Pink Floyd Live8 2005

Rip ric right
Pink floyd must play more time, shine on your crazy diamond and time
You did really good
18:27 ... when you realise you are making history...
I remember watching this live 13 years ago... brilliant performance, and Live 8 remains one of the most important events of our lifetime.
To all The haters I fucking hate you too
The last "thank you very much, good night", actually it is a Thank you very much, goodbye, considering this is the last time where they could be all 4 togheter
Kids listen carefully. This is real music not that rap crap of today
22:34 Did Roger just shake his head because David screwed just a miniscule note?
I watched this on a plane flying from Miami to New York City
Nick getting rid of the headphones at 18.28 he ain’t missing Dave’s solo for anything!!
Madre mia , Madre mia...!!!!
23:35 got me quite emotional
dark side of the moon best album of all time
David Gilmour ripping into that final solo and the whole band jamming is pure enjoyment. Wish I could have been there to witness.
Why are there adds in this? Nooooooooooooooo!!
I remember watching a music station (that I refuse to acknowledge anymore) when these guys came on.....they cut to a commercial in the middle of it. Could not fucking believe they did that. Should a just stuck to their shitty reality t.v.. Shame on me though for thinking they cared about a historic music moment.

God I was so mad.
Roger's words + David's strings + Nick's sticks + Rick's keys = The Pink Floyd, greater together than they'd ever be apart, and of course let's not forget Syd 12:20, for kicking the whole thing off.

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