Pink Floyd Live8 2005

Pink Floyd Live8 2005

The best
Will be amazing music 10,000 years from now.
That smile that Dave gives to Nick during WYWH says it all.
Os caras todos velhos...e não aparecerá ninguém para continuar...
When Pink Floyd produced their albums i was not born yet.. I'm only 30y old, i'm not form that generation. But when i heared this concert i get sensations & chills similar to what old generations Pink Floyd's funs fell !!!
Those were the times of great music
Eu havia almoçado e fui tirar um cochilo, com a TV ligada... Acordei com este som ao vivo e achei que estava sonhando! Não teve jeito... As lágrimas me venceram!
I love how Nick quit his headphones at 18:28, to hear Gilmour breaking it
What was Live 8 ? I completely forgot what this was all about. The only thing I know about it, is this was the first Floyd ReUnion and only and final one at that -very sadly.
esse dia eu lembro até hoje, tinha 15 anos, como chorei vendo ao vivo o Live 8 com o Pink Floyd!! achei que nao estaria viva para ver isso!!
I love how gilmour can play an out of this universe solo at the end and just shrug his shoulders and say "thankyou very much goodnight" as though he has just delivered a pizza......GILMOUR IS A GOD AMONGST GODS
Floyd came home.
The second solo in Comfortably Numb must be one of the best ever live guitar solos.
Musica simplesmente a melhor...
Amazing just fucking amazing!
Uma arte e músicas tão bonitas serem dissolvidas por causa de gênios fortes e egos inflados, entre tantas bandas e músicos, separou-se justo a melhor, Pink Floyd sempre estará em nossos ouvidos e corações.
21:40 Richard and Roger having orgasm together 😅
Money is not the root of all the evil today, the love of money is, there's difference. Money is just paper, a token, it can not kill by itself, but people who do anything for money can.
Dave Gilmour what a legend

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