Pigs Unleashed from Trailer and Update

Pigs Unleashed from Trailer and Update

w2g Brad, i think Brad is just Awesome. #1 fan yeaaaaaaaa
shirtless Brad ready for his "County Farmers 2018" calendar shoot
Was Brad shirtless ??????
What are you gonna do with them over winter? Feed corn or something?
Looking good ! I can taste that bacon already ! And Hammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sorry Homer moment ! LOL Bandit
Why don't you try some Tamworth or Tam crosses. They make excellent pasture pigs. I know where to find some not to far from you.
When are you guys gonna start picking corn, really wanna see the gleaner
Like they want to put little guy out of business . Got 2 butcher shops (processors) up this way that do deer ,hog ,beef, goats
When are you guys going to butcher them?
Nice looking pigs Brad and Jacob. If they are 300 pounds by the butcher date, they will make some nice pork trimmings to mix with venison to make summer sausage and snack sticks!!! Thats what I do with my pork trim. Very tasty!!
Hey I live in wapakoneta Ohio its like 35 degrees here how warm is it there. Yea I was wondering because we are all done harvesting since yesterday
Is it to wet to do corn
Thanks Brad. Keep us updated on the pigs.
Great job raising the pigs Brad, they are looking awesome.
Now the real question is are we going to see more hogs on the farm for next year? Always have enjoyed hogs. Would be neat so see a video of you grinding feed if your not covered up busy! Hope they can put a little money in your pocket even though right now the price sucks.
Do you have the other three pigs sold already?

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