"Pigs (Three Different Ones)" performed by Brit Floyd - the Pink Floyd tribute show

"Pigs (Three Different Ones)" performed by Brit Floyd - the Pink Floyd tribute show

нужно больше водки...
wow......the guys must practice a lot!
Love this version, talented Musicians ! Can’t wait to see Brit Floyd on tour in 2019
I so wish you could get this concert on CD (sound is compressed on you tube). tried eBay, Amazon, nothing!
Great cover¡
...probably even better than the original... (because "live" AND so near to the original)
In my opinion this is better than the original - wow!
With all respect for mr Waters...but this version is completely perfect, more then version on his 2018 show.
1117 - 11:19. Heaven. That is all.
sees Roger Waters performance Can't there be just one live rendition nowadays WITHOUT Trump being mentioned.
sees this It's about time.
Saw brit floyd May 12 in cleveland of this year...phenomenal....outstanding...best show ever
Saw them last night in cleveland best show ever....musicianship is top notch
This song as well as all Brit Floyd is amazing live. If you like PF, you owe it to yourself to go see these guys.... Tighten your seatbelts at 9:40
Saw them live last week. Mind blown. The music was actually better than Roger Water's concert!
Awesome! Tribute. Mac Floyd might learn a few things off these guys 😉✌👍
in the 2018 set list, Fantastic....... looking forward to the 15th in Southend
Everything is on its right place...The bass, vocals, guitars, organ and the sound is perfect! Nothing to much, nothing to less! Brilliant!
That solo....simply breathtaking

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