Clark Harris Womens Jersey  "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" performed by Brit Floyd - the Pink Floyd tribute show

"Pigs (Three Different Ones)" performed by Brit Floyd - the Pink Floyd tribute show

I am really sorry guys, but I have to say it...
this version is even better than the original, and the solo is indescribable !!
It should be a Crime to put those Words to such GREAT MUSIC
THOSE words should go to awful sound to match the meaning of the words
May 10, 2019 Jacobs Pavilion Cleveland. See you there!
This is an amazing band it is quite closest to Pink Floyd wonderful
I think they are just brilliant! Great talent here... close your eyes and listen.. hard to believe it's not actually Pink Floyd!
Outstanding!! Roger Waters would be proud! Great cover band!
Absolutely amazing! I am blown away at the perfect recreation of Pink Floyd's masterpieces. My first experience was a number years ago in Pittsburgh and had to be coerced into going by a friend . . . halfway through the show I was literally in tears at how well they brought the Pink Floyd of the 1970's and 1980's that I remember to the stage. When when they started to play 'The Great Gig In The Sky' I thought "There's no way . . . " then the singer at that time (sorry, don't recall who she was) NAILED IT perfectly and I was hooked! There is no greater tribute to Pink Floyd than Brit Floyd! I thank all who make it possible to relive what Pink brought to us.
Trust me, you won't get more Floyd than this, anymore.
In my opinion this is the best version, better than the original . Damian Darlington what a guitar hero. I love this song . See u guys 2019 in Germany and Switzerland ...
Jesus, dude sounds just like Roger. Was fucking thrilled when he broke this song out for the Us + Them tour. I thought I'd never get an official live release of this song, never mind see it live
The COOLEST song by FLOYD! This is their BEST in my humble opinion!
You should make an original album of material in the style of Pink Floyd you guys are such a great band why not pick up where Pf left off and make something original?
aspettiamo un gesto piccolo.
Solo in concerto gratuito offerto per la gioventù disaggiata in compagnia dei giovani turisti ....
Roma amministrazione
This is fucking excellent! Singer is great, and I am a huge fan of the Floyd since before Dark Side.
Dedicated to "Pig Man," the president of the USA.
Amazing! Who do you get clearance from to play the songs? Roger? David? Nick? The record company?
Why I can like this video only once? is that even fair?!
Sorry David but this solo version is best.It's like a solo should be on album version.
Dogs ! Red Rocks ..
Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery

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