"Pigs (Three Different Ones)" performed by Brit Floyd - the Pink Floyd tribute show

"Pigs (Three Different Ones)" performed by Brit Floyd - the Pink Floyd tribute show

I must wait another 48 hours but then it's Floyd time in Eindhoven....
The best cover of this song ever made by far.... Darlington solo is dead ass on..... YES !!!!!
O pior de tudo somos obrigados a escultar luan santana,ivete,funkne outras porcarias por ai...
And no anti trump virtue singling
Great Guys - you all are blessed - pretty hard work dedication sincerity above all your its your call - for a grand tribute band - my best wishes with you guys -
Was lucky to see Floyd in 1987 and finally in 1994 at RFK, wish I would of been old enough to see them when all 4 were together.
Seen both Brit Floyd and Aussie Floyd a few times each and Brit Floyd are superior in sound and visual effects.!! Since Damian Darlington left Aussie and started Brit Floyd they have gone on to another level..!! SUPERIOR ONE....
Only just found this. Excellent version.
The best cover 👏😍
thanks for posting.
нужно больше водки...
wow......the guys must practice a lot!
Love this version, talented Musicians ! Can’t wait to see Brit Floyd on tour in 2019
I so wish you could get this concert on CD (sound is compressed on you tube). tried eBay, Amazon, nothing!
Great cover¡
...probably even better than the original... (because "live" AND so near to the original)
In my opinion this is better than the original - wow!
With all respect for mr Waters...but this version is completely perfect, more then version on his 2018 show.

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