"Pigs (Three Different Ones)" performed by Brit Floyd - the Pink Floyd tribute show

"Pigs (Three Different Ones)" performed by Brit Floyd - the Pink Floyd tribute show

Saw them here in Denver at Red Rocks last summer. Fantastic! They are to return June 6th this year. May have to go again.
Saw them live in Philadelphia
The pig noises are too funny..
Yep guitar s talk box love that shit .
I cannot describe how awesome the vocoder bit sound live guys. Everyone needs to see them
I left my browser on autoplay, minimized while working on something else. It took me five minutes to realize that they weren't the real pink floyd. Awesome.
As someone who saw Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, and The Wall in concert in the '70s
and '80s I can truly appreciate the mastery of Brit Floyd. Brings me back to my mis-spent youth. Thanks for that.
ey leute ich war bei pink floyd da kamen die Schweine aus den boxen sie wurden immer grösser,live in hanover ...genial ..ihr seit auch gut.
Hey you whitehouse!! It's about Mary whitehouse.. but still have sense
Closest you will come to the original thing. Brilliantly done.
THAT strumming at 11:17
band favolosa, i Pink Floyd devono essere onorati ad avere delle band che portano avanti i loro capolavori. grandi Brit Floyd.
This version is much better than the Roger version from Mexico I have just watched. Well done guys!
a melhor banda de tributo da melhor banda do universo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Animals CD has been in every vehicle I've owned for the last 35 years on continuous loop and it never gets boring. This is one album I know VERY well and these guys did a fantastic job. My only criticism is the vocal was a bit weak but instrumental was amazing.

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